How did Mike drayson die ? What Was His cause of death ?

The news of Mike Drayson’s passing has left many saddened, especially his loyal fans and family members. At the age of 71, Mike had dedicated his life to the world of radio and was beloved by many.

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How did Mike drayson die ? What was his cause of death ?

The world lost a legend in the radio and voice-over industry with the passing of Mike Drayson. Known for his gun on 1420 3XY and impeccable on-air presentation, Mike was a fierce rival to the likes of Gary Mac. But beyond their rivalry, Gary admired Mike’s gutsy gravel voice-over work. Mike’s distinct voice and style made him a force to be reckoned with, delivering everything from rock ‘n’ roll to thermal underwear with the same expertise. His cause of death may be unknown, but his legacy will live on. Our thoughts are with his family and close friends during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Mike. You done good.

I’m deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former radio colleague and voice over artist Mike Drayson. Among the many radio stations he worked for, Mike was a gun on 1420 3XY. At one point we were ratings rivals. His on-air presentation was impeccable. And later, I admired his gutsy gravel voice over work.

My thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time. RIP Mike 🌹

You done good.

Who was Mike Drayson’s ?

Mike Drayson’s voice is one that captures your attention and never lets go. It’s no surprise that he’s recognized as one of the best voices in the country, having worked at some of the most prominent radio stations like 3XY, 2SM, 7EX, EON FM and recently Northside Radio Sydney. His journey began in 1970 at the Lee Murray radio school, where he learned the ropes and started his first job at 3SH Swan Hill. Mike’s voice has been heard resonating across the airwaves for decades, and his versatility is remarkable. From cars to concerts, rock ‘n’ roll to religion, holidays to hamburgers, and much more, Mike’s commanding voice adds depth and richness to any topic.

Tributes pours to Mike Drayson’s death

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Sad news, consolations to family, Ian Stewart

User Wrote

So sad to receive the news that old mate Mike Drayson passed away today. One of the biggest VO’s in Australia – a true professional and an outright gentleman. He’ll always be one of my inspirations and a friend you could alway turn to for advice or just for an ear. R.I.P. my friend. 😔 Lubs ya old mate.

Another wrote

Mike Drayson ….you can’t be gone..A Radio great when radio was great… Condolences to your family,friends and fans.

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Just saw that one of my radio idols Mike Drayson has passed away today.
The “Drayson Kid” has left us. Loved his work especially his Voice Overs.
RIP Mike

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