How Did Nick Bollettieri Die? What happened to the legendary Tennis Coach

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An American renowned and legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri sadly passed away at 91 years on Sunday, 20th November. The tragic news was confirmed by his daughter, Angelique Anne Bollettieri on her official Facebook account.

Keep reading the article to learn more about him, including who Nick Bollettieri was, his personal life and career, what happened to him, how he died, people’s reactions to his death, and much more!

Who Was Nick Bollettieri?

Nicholas James Bollettieri took his first breath on July 31, 1931, in Pelham, New York, United States. He completed his elementary education at the Pelham Memorial High School and graduated in 1953 from Spring Hill College with a degree in Philosophy. He was a tennis coach between the 1960s-1970s. In 1978, he opened the famous Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy under his own name.

Nick began his career as a trainer at the Dorado Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico in 1960. The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy was the first of its kind in Florida (Bradenton)when it was established. He spearheaded the idea of an all-inclusive tennis school and created many driving tennis players during the many previous years.

Philippoussis, Mary Pierce, Serena and Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, and Anna Kournikova also trained under Bollettieri. He was 91 and famous among tennis lovers. In 2008, he was the recipient of an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters for his contribution to the world of sports, fitness, and wellbeing at the New York College of Health Professions.

If we talk about his personal life, he married Cindi Eaton on April 22, 2004. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Angelique Anne Bollettieri.

What Happened to Nick Bollettieri? What was the cause of his death?

Nick Bollettieri passed away at 91 years due to a kidney infection. Nick was surrounded by his family members when he dies. Everyone is worried after hearing this tragic news. The whole tennis world is showing their sympathy for the family.

He has been in poor health in the past few years, mainly because of his age. Her daughter posted a picture of Nick on social media on Sunday with the statement that “Dad is close to transitioning to the next place.”

“Dad is near progressing to the following spot. Kindly keep him in your thought for a peaceful departure and wonderful journey. We love you, Daddy”. She’d also tagged a Nick Bollettieri in the post, encompassed by his relatives.” Her daughter Angelique Anne Bollettieri, wrote on her Facebook post.

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Tributes Pouring for Nick Bollettieri

Everyone is passing their condolence and sympathies for him across social media platforms. Many of his students and loved ones express their feeling about his death.

Craig Shapiro tears out on Twitter saying “Thank you coach @NickBollettierifor everything you did for tennis, thank you for always being yourself.”

“Wimbledon is only 54 years older than him (Nick Bollettieri). What a legacy he leaves behind. @ashishxxx tweeted on the loss of Nick Bollettieri”

We would like to share our sincere sympathies at the loss of such a gem of his own field, Nick Bollettieri with deep pain and grief. Keep visiting the website for more such articles from across the world. And, Drop a comment to let us know how you feel about his demise.


Who Was Nick Bollettieri?

Nick Bollettieri was an American renowned and legendary Tennis coach

What was Nick Bollettieri cause of death?

Nick Bollettieri passed away at 91 years due to a kidney infection. He died on Sunday, 20th November. his daughter, Angelique Anne Bollettieri confirmed his death.

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