How Did Rita de Cássia Die? Know Everything About the Singer

Rita de Cássia, who regarded as the finest forró composer in Brazilian history, unexpectedly, passed away on Tuesday night, January 3rd, 2023 at the age of 50. Heitor Ferrer took to Facebook to confirm her passing and penned such a beautiful memorial. “Rita de Cássia, a singer who embodied the simplicity and originality of our outback and affected many with her music, will be missed.”

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Keep reading to know more about Rita de Cássia, including who she was, how she died, what was the cause of her death, tributes for Rita de Cássia, and many more!

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Who Was Rita de Cássia?

The vocalist, Rita de Cássia who was raised in the Ceará city of Alto Santo, has more than 500 compositions to her credit, including hits by the singers Eliane, Avies do Forró, Mastruz com Leite, and Frank Aguiar. Rita’s career featured notable accomplishments and collaborations with well-known forró figures. Meu Vaqueiro, Meu Peo, Saga de um Vaqueiro, Brilho da Lua, and Jeito de Amar are just a few of Rita’s well-known compositions.
Rita has released her own songs in addition to those she has written for other musicians. Along with her brother Redondo and Banda Som do Norte, she released 12 albums throughout her career. She also released 5 albums of voice and guitar work. Rita recently performed solo gigs and made a DVD.

She has won various accolades during her career for her songwriting abilities, including the Jackson and Gonzaga Awards. She was named “the finest forró songwriter in Brazil” in the Parana city of Campina Grande. Many male and female singers and bands loved and valued Rita’s compositions. The compliments she received on social media mirrored this.

How Did Rita de Cássia Die? What was her cause of death

Rita de Cássia, a prominent forró songwriter and performer, passed away on Tuesday, January 3, in Fortaleza, at the age of 50. Reportedly, she was admitted to a private hospital’s intensive care unit after being diagnosed with lung fibrosis, which is a severe form of pneumonia that causes the chilling of lung tissue and makes breathing challenging.

The artist bravely fought lung fibrosis for the past few weeks, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of the ICU. Following the news from her family that Rita de Cássia died due to lung fibrosis, thousands throughout the general public and the entertainment industry expressed their respect. Her death was unexpected.
Rita sent her followers a happy new year’s message in her final social media post before the new year. She speaks with a trembling voice in the pictures due to the illness she was going through.

As of now, nobody has made funeral plans or provided any information about her final rites. As soon as we have any, we will let you know.

Tributes for pours Rita de Cássiar

Singer Jonas Estacado commented, “Artists and enthusiasts saw Rita’s works as genuine poems.” “Rest in peace, dear poetess; your words and voice will never be forgotten.”

@thardellylima tweeted, “Our last show with Queen Rita de Cássia! One of the greatest composers in Brazil!”

Nina wrote, “Rita de Cássia is simply one of the biggest names in forró Go in peace, Rita.”

Margareth Menezes: “Brazilian forró is in mourning. Rita de Cássia is one of the greatest composers of the genre, with more than 500 songs written during her career.”

Our sincere condolences go out to Rita’s family and friends. You can bookmark this website and return to read more articles of this nature.

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