How Did Sarah Underhill Baltimore Die? Cause of Death Explained

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Sarah Danger Underhill from Baltimore, Maryland unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, December 18th, 2022. She was an occasional frock-slinger at Killer Trash (Vintage Shop). “She got a Goner tattoo, grew up loving the Reatards, Louie, and all the bands, and over the past 15 years, she has become an integral part of the Goner family”, Goner Records confirmed her passing via their official Facebook Account.

Keep reading to know more about Sarah Baltimore, including who she was, how she died, what was the cause of her death, tributes for Sarah Baltimore, and many more things you should know!

Who Was Sarah Baltimore?

Sarah Danger Underhill was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, after being born in Racine, Wisconsin. She was employed by Unregistered Nurse Booking at Mother’s Little Helper. Unregistered Nurse Booking is a curated booking and promotion business with a focus on underground music and fair booking procedures in Baltimore. She was an occasional frock-slinger at Killer Trash (Vintage Shop).

Goner has posted an article on their website on said passing of Sarah, they has mentioned, Sarah was beloved and admired throughout the Goner family for her unique presence and her unmistakable style. As someone who proudly sported a “Goner” tattoo, she was dedicated to those in the music scene, often attending shows and rallies with no fear of standing out from the crowd. She kindly took on MCing Gonerfest 16 despite getting her foot stuck in a cast from an injury sustained during a Mallwalker gig at the Lamplighter. Her loyalty to her friends and bands was known far and wide, but more importantly, Sarah added an electrifying glam/weirdness to the Baltimore-Memphis mix that nobody else could replicate. May her memory live on in all who loved her.

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How Did Sarah Baltimore Die? Cause of Death

Family relatives and friends were in sorrow and were grieved when Sarah Underhill passed away on Sunday, December 18th, due to an undetermined reason. One of the most vibrant people anyone had the pleasure of meeting was Sarah Danger Underhill.

The specific cause of her death is not yet publicly known. How she died, and what leads to her last breath are still under the curtain, we will let you know, as soon as we got any information.

It was a few years before when Sarah suffered from health issues, and was in a rehab facility in Baltimore. A fundraiser was also raised by her friend Kristina Green, to support her travel and other expenses.

The news of Goner OG Sarah Danger Underhill’s passing on Sunday stunned and saddened Goner Records. They posted a picture of her with a long caption that reads,

“Sarah created the amazing point where Memphis was energized by glam/weird Baltimore. She got a Goner tattoo, grew up loving the Reatards, Louie, and all the bands, and over the past 15 years, she has become an integral part of the Goner family. Despite being (often) in the crowd, she outshone every artist with her compelling presence and amazing manner. She served as the MC for Gonerfest 16 despite having injured her foot the night before after an insanely late Mallwalker performance at the Lamplighter.”

Tributed to Sarah Baltimore

Baltimore Rock Opera Society issued a statement following her death news, saying

“This week we lost a friend, Sarah Danger Underhill, a remarkable person who will be dearly missed. We only had the pleasure of working with her on one project where she absolutely stole every scene she was in.”

Tributes for Sarah Baltimore

Bob Rose: “She was my best friend and I can tell you she adored Gonerfest with every fiber of her being, missing it was unthinkable for Sarah, she anticipated it every year, all year. Thank you for this great tribute to her.”

T Rick Knee:“She’s from the Milwaukee area, and was a long-time fixture there as well, before moving to Baltimore. Very sad.”

Ian Graham: “The untimely demise of Sarah Danger Underhill has made me completely voiceless. We first met at Goerfest, of course, and she had one of those real sparks of life you read about in books set in the flashy 1970s.”

Darrell Szarka Workman: “I’ve given myself the past 24 hours to fully process the news of Sarah Danger Underhill’s passing. Sarah was in many ways the opposite of my yang. I’m a mod that plays aggressive dark gloomy death rock. She is a shining example of art punk.”

Eric Bifaro: “Sad to hear of Sarah Danger Underhill’s demise. Sarah was the most compassionate and helpful lady you could meet. She was the coolest-looking individual in any room and always dressed best.”

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