How did Victor Mwangobola die ? A Soulful Voice Gone Too Soon, Tremour Passed Away In a Tragic Accident

The music industry is in mourning as it bids farewell to a gifted young vocalist, Victor Mwangobola, better known by his stage name Tremour. This rising star’s untimely passing has left a void that will be deeply felt by those who followed his promising career. With a unique voice and captivating performances, Tremour’s impact on the Malawian music scene was immense. As we reflect on the life and artistry of this talented artist, we celebrate the legacy he leaves behind. Continue reading.

Who was Victor Mwangobola?

Victor Mwangobola, also known by his stage name Tremour, was a renowned Malawian music artist who captured the hearts of many with his soulful voice and emotive performances. He rose to fame with his hit track “Mpanipani,” which struck a chord with listeners and inspired countless individuals. Beyond his musical talent, Tremour was also an actor who starred in his own music videos, adding another dimension to his artistic endeavors. His signature song “Mvera Again” became an anthem, resonating with listeners and reflecting Tremour’s commitment to spreading an uplifting message to Malawians. In his most recent album, “Golide Mu Moto,” he explored various aspects of contemporary life and urged people to coexist peacefully, embracing their diverse viewpoints.

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What was the cause of Victor Mwangobola’s death?

The music industry was left in shock when news of Tremour’s tragic accident surfaced. He sustained severe head and skull injuries in a car accident while riding a motorbike (Kabaza) on Sunday night. Despite being rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe for treatment, Tremour succumbed to his injuries, leaving fans and loved ones grieving the loss of a rising star.

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What Actually Happened?

Tremour’s fateful accident occurred as he was leaving a recording studio, adding a heartbreaking layer to the tragic incident. Regrettably, the driver responsible for the collision fled the scene, leaving Tremour and other victims injured and without anyone to hold accountable. The loss of such a talented artist under such circumstances has left the music community grappling with profound grief.

Victor Mwangobola Obituary

With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to Victor Mwangobola, whose stage name Tremour will forever be etched in the annals of Malawian music. Born with a captivating voice and an unwavering passion for his craft, Tremour’s journey in the music industry touched the lives of many. Tremour’s artistry transcended boundaries, making him a celebrated figure in the music and acting realms. With tracks like “Mpanipani” and “Golide M’moto,” he captivated audiences with his soul-stirring performances and lyrical depth. The Malawian music industry has lost a shining star, but Tremour’s legacy will continue to resonate through his music and videos, which hold testament to his immense talent and passion for the arts.

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Phiri Chisomo
Tremour no more…
A dark cloud has engulfed music industry following the death of musician Tremour. It is said that the ‘Mpanipani’ hit maker involved in a road accident last Sunday. Born Victor Mwangobola, Tremour was also an actor who played mostly in his own music videos.
Reported by Chisomo Phiri

Victor Mwangobola, the talented musician known by his stage name Tremour, may have left us too soon, but his indelible mark on the music industry will endure. As we bid farewell to this rising star, let us cherish the beautiful music and impactful messages he gifted us during his time with us. Tremour’s soulful voice and powerful performances will continue to resonate in the hearts of his fans, leaving behind a legacy of passion, creativity, and inspiration. May he rest in eternal peace, and may his music continue to bring joy and comfort to all who listen.

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  1. Gone too soon, I am shocked and loss of words. Your music was unique and full of wisdom. We will remember you as the genius singer. Mvera Again. May your dear soul rest in eternal peace.

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