How to Change Chat Wallpaper on Snapchat? Is it applicable to all Snapchat users?

If you’ve been feeling like your chat conversations have been a bit bland recently, then it might be time to switch up the wallpaper on your Snapchat chats. Changing up the wallpaper on Snapchat is a great way to add some personality and flair to your chats with friends and family. The recently released December update of Snapchat for Android and iOS users has come with an exciting new feature the ability to set custom chat wallpapers in your friends’ DM!

However, there is a small catch; only those subscribed to Snapchat+ will be able to utilize this nifty feature. Snapchat+ is the app’s premium subscription, offering users special features and other benefits. With this new addition, it can be expected that many more people will settle on a subscription that could add much needed fun and personality to their chats.

Keep reading the article to know more on Snapchat chat wallpapers, who can use them, and how you can do it in just a few simple steps!

New Feature of Chat Wallpaper on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s latest update, which arrived in December, includes a great new feature: custom backgrounds for chat screens. You have several options when selecting a background for chats; Snapchat offers an array of wallpapers for you to choose from or you can opt to upload a snap from your phone. Moreover, these customizations can be individualized and varied you can set different backgrounds for each of your friend and group conversations! This addition makes Snapchat messaging more personalized than ever.

Is it applicable to all Snapchat users?

As of now, the new experimental Snapchat+ feature is offered to limited users and only eligible profiles will see the option. Although please ensure you have an updated Snapchat+ app.

What is Snapchat+?

Subscribing to Snapchat+ is the perfect way to level up your snap experience!

With Snapchat+, you can access exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features not available on the usual snapchat version. Features are always updated with new collections and tools that allow you to customize snapchats with never before seen stylish stickers and powerful editing capabilities. On top of that, you get to peep cool new features before anyone else!

Subscription pricing may be different in some countries but generally, snapchat+ is charged as $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Keep an eye out during holidays as Snapchat enjoys discounting yearly subscriptions down to $29.99. Get snapchat+ now so you can start creating even better snap stories than ever before!

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How to Change Chat Wallpaper on Snapchat?

Spice up your Snapchat by giving your conversations more personal flair with customizable background wallpapers. As a snapchat+ subscriber, you can switch up the scenery each time you chat, as often as you wish. All it takes is a few simple steps to open a Friendship or Group Chat profile and choose from the available selection of wallpapers.

  • First, go to Friendship or Group Chat Profile and open it
  • Click on ‘Wallpaper’ under “Our Chat”
  • Choose your favorite wallpaper
  • Once chosen, you can preview the image and decide whether or not it should be blurred before confirming the change.
  • Now tap on ‘Confirm’ to change
  • Enjoy your completely new chat window

Alternatively, wipe away any wallpaper with the handy little trashcan icon! Snapchat + makes your chats feel like they’re one-of-a-kind.


How do you change the background on Snapchat chat?

You can change the background of the Snapchat chat window by subscribing to Snapchat+.

How to get backgrounds on Snapchat?

Snapchat+ offers you many new chat backgrounds.

How do you put wallpaper on chat?

To put wallpaper in the chat go to Friendship or Group Chat Profile, click on wallpaper under “our chat” select your favorite wallpaper, and confirm it.

Is Snapchat chat wallpaper visible to all?

The wallpaper of a chat is shared between two people in an individual chat window and in a group to all group members.

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