How to download YouTube Shorts on Mobile or PC?

YouTube, to compete with the likes of Instagram reels and TikTok, launched YouTube Shorts that lets the creators post short videos of any length under one minute. In recent times, YouTube Shorts have emerged as one of the easiest ways to earn a decent amount of views on videos.

Multiple creators from all around the globe have been creating and posting their short videos in different categories like comedy, tech, dance, and more. You can watch and create YouTube shorts on the main application available for Android and iOS or even save it to watch later.

However, there are videos that make a considerable impact or impress us to a great extent, and the user wants to store them permanently. While there is no option to download YouTube Shorts via the official application,

you can still do the same with third-party websites and applications. Downloading these videos will allow you to watch these videos anytime without the internet. In addition, you can also share them directly with your contacts on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

How to download YouTube Shorts on a smartphone and computer?

Through the website: You can visit multiple websites like 8downloader, Savetube, and Shortsnoob to download YouTube Shorts in mp4 format. To do the same, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the official YouTube website and head to the short video you want to download. Copy the link to the video from the URL bar.
YouTube 1

2. Now visit the official website of shortsnoob and paste the YouTube Shorts link that you have copied.

YouTube 2

Click the search button, and then it will show you different formats for downloading the video.

YouTube 3

Choose the appropriate format and hit the download button. The video will be downloaded to your device automatically.

Through smartphones: to download YouTube Shorts on smartphones, you can simply head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install third-party applications. Apart from that, you can also rely on the Shortsnoob website and download the videos from the browser by following the methods that have been listed down to download it for the PC.

Through computer applications: One of the best system applications that can be used for the purpose of downloading YouTube Shorts is the 4K Video Downloader. The application is available for all systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. Follow these steps to download YouTube Shorts via 4K Video Downloader.

  1. Head to YouTube and open the short video you want to download.
YouTube 4

2. After that, open the 4K video downloader on your system and paste the video link there.

YouTube 5

3. Now, finalize the format in which you want to download the video.

4. Click on the download button, and the YouTube Short will be downloaded and saved on your PC.

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