How To Record Your Voice On Tiktok

TikTok is the most popular app for making fun and entertaining videos online. The program allows you to express creativity using various audio and video effects. When you can add your soundtrack option to a Tiktok film, it makes it more enjoyable and allows you to be more artistic. Continue reading to find out how to record your own sound on Tiktok.

Tiktok Sound Recording Techniques

On Tiktok, you have two options for recording your own sound. The first method is to record a sound to your Tiktok video within the app or the existing platform, and the second is to use a third-party program.

Including a Sound in the App

One method for recording your own sound on Tiktok is adding sound within the Tiktok app. You may also express yourself through its various effects and by adding your favorite music. Here’s how to go about it:

  • After you’ve finished shooting your TikTok video, tap the “Sounds” option in the bottom-left corner of your video.
  • Choose a song from the selection that is supplied. Tap the “More” option to open the complete music menu if you want to see more song alternatives than the recommended list.
  • Choose which part of the song or music to include in your video. It is simple to do by clicking and dragging the bottom soundwaves to the left or right. When you’re finished, tap the checkmark.
  • Finally, complete uploading your video using the standard procedure.

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How to Create a TikTok Voiceover

The Tiktok app includes a built-in voiceover feature, allowing you to speak over a sound on TikTok. You can do this when uploading videos from your phone or recording videos directly from the app. Whether you’re using the Tiktok app for iOS or Android makes no difference. Here’s how to record your voiceover:

  • Select the + sign symbol in the bottom center of your Tiktok app.
Record Your Voice On Tiktok
  • To record or upload a video through the app, tap the red “Record” button.
How To Record Your Voice On Tiktok
  • Select “Next” after previewing your recording on your device.
  • Select the “Voiceover” option in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Start recording audio over your video by tapping the “Record” button.
How To Record Your Voice On Tiktok
  • Once finished with the audio narration, select the “Save” option in the upper right corner and make any more tweaks or effects.
  • When you wish to change the level of the noises in your films, go to the bottom and select “Sounds
How To Record Your Voice On Tiktok

Tiktok has introduced a new digital enjoyment to people worldwide. Users, both young and old, have welcomed Tiktok’s entertainment concept. In this digital age, creating and sharing videos has become the standard, but the ones that go viral are done with superb audio quality.

Because sound is an essential component of Tiktok films, knowing how to record your own sound on Tiktok is advantageous. Other users will be drawn in by your audio quality and originality. Be more inventive and seize the opportunity to have the most-watched Tiktok video.


How long can you record a voiceover on TikTok?

Ans: To add a video from your phone, press record or tap upload. TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long or as brief as three seconds. When you’re finished recording, tap next or a red  checkmark.

What is the name of the TikTok voice?

Ans: Kat Callaghan, the “Siri of our time,” debuts as TikTok’s voice.

Why do Tiktokers speak in this manner?

Ans: Nicole argues that TikTok voice is technically not an accent but a registered style,’ as users on the platform have metalinguistic awareness’ that they’re speaking a certain way.

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