How to Share Your PS Plus Subscription on PS4 and PS5?

PlayStation Plus subscription has always been a boon for gamers. The only drawback of the PlayStation Plus subscription is its pricing. It is not an understatement to say that a single subscription of Sony PlayStation Plus can burn a hole in your pocket. However, the best part about the same is that it also offers some of the best solutions to share the subscription among multiple people.

Now, sharing the PS Plus on PS4 is no rocket science, and it can be done by following a few steps. If you are someone who is eager to know how to share PS Plus on PS4, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will let you know how you can share PS Plus on PS4, PS5 and more.

How to share PS Plus on PS4 via the Family Sharing feature?

PS Plus Subscription on PS4 and PS5

Family Sharing is a feature of the PS Plus subscription that lets the primary account share the benefits of the subscription with their family members. To activate it, you don’t need to do anything extra. Understand it with an example, suppose one PS Plus account is added to a particular console; now anyone signing to the same account with any other Play Statio will be able to take leverage of the PS Plus benefits and even play all the games that are associated with the primary account.

Nonetheless, you will be supposed to set up one of the devices as the Primary console for which you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Sign in on your PS4 with the account that has the PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • Now open the Settings on the machine.
  • Navigate to the PSN menu of the console.
  • Now select and activate it as your Primary PS4.

How to share PS Plus on PS5?

PS Plus Subscription on PS4 and PS5

It is very clear until now that, yes, a PS Plus subscription can also be shared via PS5, and multiple users can take advantage of the features like 100GB of cloud storage, multiplayer gaming, online gaming, and a lot more, to mention here. All these subscriptions, including quarterly, half-yearly, and annually, can be shared with sub-accounts once the user selects the primary account for the subscription. Here we will tell you step by step how you can share your PS% subscription on PS5.

  • First things first, turn your PS5 on.
  • Now head to the Settings menu of the machine.
  • Select the users and accounts options, then click on the ‘Other’ option.
  • Now click on the Console Sharing and Offline Play option and activate it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you share PS plus on PS5?

Yes, obviously, you can share the PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS5 with the Family Share feature just by making one device out of the lot primary.

Can you share games on PS plus?

Through the PlayStation Plus or the PS Plus subscription, you can easily share the games among multiple consoles like different PS5s and PS4s. However, only one of the devices, the primary one, will be able to individually control the subscription.

Can I use PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5?

You can use the PlayStation Plus subscription and the Family Sharing feature on both PS4 and PS5 consoles with all the benefits that tag along with the subscriptions.

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