Influencer Burak Can Tas Killed in Motorcycle Accident Weeks Before Wedding: Know More

Turkish influencer and motorbiking vlogger Burak Can Tas was killed in a freak motorcycle accident just weeks before he was set to marry his fiance, Yaren Kara. Read on to learn how did Burak Can Tas die, what happened to him, and how did the tragedy happen.

Burak and Yaren announced the news of getting hinged just months back. Tributes have emerged online for the couple who had an unfortunate fate. Fans are sharing loving words for the late influencer and his fiance on social media platforms right now.

Who was Burak Can Tas?

Burak Can Tas was a social media influencer from Turkey. He was a biking enthusiast who often shared posts online showcasing his passion for bikes. He had over 135k followers on Instagram and around 24k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Digital celeb Burak Can Taşan announced his engagement with fiance Yaren Kara only a month ago. The two share a common love for bikes and traveling. They were set to get married in a few weeks before an unfortunate accident killed Burak Can Tas.

Born in 2000, Burak Can Tas was only 23 years old. He leaves behind his fiance, family, friends, and a large base of fans he earned with his passion for bikes.

Burak Can Tas Killed in Motorcycle Accident in Aldana

Turkish influencer Burak Can Tas was involved in a scary motorcycle accident when he was riding his motorcycle in Aldana. According to local news reports, Burak hit a dog in the road which caused him to lose his balance and control over the vehicle.

He was reportedly thrown off his bike due to the impact which caused him to sustain several critical injuries. Paramedics arrived at the scene and rushed Burak to the hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the injuries sustained in the crash.

Burak Can Tas passed away at the very young age of just 23 only a few weeks before his wedding was scheduled to take place.

Burak’s Fiance Yaren Kara Announced his Tragic Death

The fiance of the late Turkish influencer Burak Can Tas, Yaren Kara, announced the devastating news of his death with a heartfelt Instagram post. “I am thankful for every day that I spend with you, my love.” she wrote in the post which featured her pictures with the Turk.

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She added: “My one and only whom I will miss so much. May God host you in the most beautiful corner of Jannah. I love you so so so much my life partner.”

Tributes emerged for the late influencer in the comment section of this post and his most recent posts. A lot of fans and friends also shared kind words on various social media platforms.

Burak Can Tas and Yaren Kara Got Engaged in July

Burak and Yaren announced the jolly news of their engagement with a sparking Instagram post on July 3, 2023. You can take a look at the post here:

“The year 2022 orchestrated its last surprise, leading me to you,” he wrote, per the Mirror. “Until now, I didn’t understand the concept of love or being loved. That, I learned from you, my love,” Burak wrote with a picture of Yaren showing her ring and himself standing behind her.

The Turk added, “I am grateful to you for always keeping the good in me alive and for never leaving your hands. I am ready to walk/drive any road with you for the rest of my life. I love you so much my heart.”

The lovely couple shared a common love for bikes. They were slated to get married in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the Turkish digital celeb is no more.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Yaren and other family members of Burak Can Tas. May God let his soul rest in peace. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. #RIP

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