Is Eddie Levert Dead or Alive? Know more about his life

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Eddie Levert, a prominent American Singer and songwriter, has been making the rounds on the internet as reports of his death are being circulated, suggesting that he passed away recently, due to some undisclosed reasons.

As soon as some reports about Eddie Levert’s passing started circulating on social platforms, netizens got concerned and started talking heavily about it. People are also curious if this news is true or fake. Keep reading this article to learn more about Eddie Levert, his personal life, his career background, and much more!

Who is Eddie Levert?

Eddie Levert, whose real name is Edward Willis Levert, is a well-known professional singer, songwriter, actor and producer from America, who is best known for being the lead vocalist of the R&B group “The O’Jays.” This group was formed in 1958, from Canton, Ohio, the US. 

Eddie was born on June 16, 1942, in Bessemer, Alabama, which is a southern state in the United States. His family relocated to Canton, Ohio, in the US, when Eddie was just eight years old. He later attended McKinley High School.

More about his personal life

Eddie was married to Raquel Capelton, and the couple had four children together. They are Gerald Levert (1966-2006), Sean Levert (1968-2008), Ryan Levert and Kandice Brooks. Eddie’s son Gerald, died in 2006, following his return from a South African trip, due to complications between his prescribed medications, and his second son, Sean, died in 2008 after government officials from Ohio denied him essential prescription medication.

Social media details

The O’Jays member, Eddie Levert is quite popular on Instagram and has over 48.9k followers on this social media platform. His Instagram bio states; Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Actor. Eddie has also mentions details about his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in his Instagram bio.

Eddie Levert’s Career Background

Levert’s interest in music started in his childhood, when Eddie and one of his childhood friends, Walter Williams, started performing as a gospel duo at a very young age. They got inspiration to start a singing group from Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers’ performances. Later at high school, both of them teamed up with classmates William Powell, Bobby Massey, and Bill Isles and formed a group called “The Triumphs.”

Their group used to play locally in Canton, opening for different acts. Once they travelled to Cincinnati to canvas King Records, where President Sid Nathan changed their group name to the Mascots and signed them to his label. This change changed their fortunes, as they got quite popular because their music started being broadcast on Cleveland radio stations.

In 1969, The O’Jays signed a new deal with Philadelphia International Records and started releasing records under the new label. The group later signed with EMI-Manhattan Records, where Levert and Williams started to co-write and produce their own tracks. Their EMI debut album, “Let Me Touch  went to 3rd place in the R&B charts and included “Lovin’  which became the number-one hit in 1987.

In 1984, Levert’s sons Gerald and Sean also announced their wish to follow their father’s musical background. In 1992, Eddie Murphy and his son Gerald released “Baby Hold On to Me,” which was a number one R&B hit and reached the 37th position on the Pop charts. Eddie’s album “Something to Talk About,” with his second son Gerald’s, was recorded in 2006 and published in 2007. Eddie and his son Gerald also co-authored the successful book “I Got Your Back

Eddie was the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions throughout his long-fledged and legendary career. He is still going strong, performing and touring with The O’Jays as well as a solo artist. He is estimated to have a net worth of around $18 million dollars.

Is Eddie Levert Dead or Alive?

Yes, Eddie Levert is still alive. Although various reports have been circulating all across the internet about his death, they are nothing more than a hoax. This news made a lot of people tense about the health of Eddie Levert, and this is why all his admirers got concerned, whether it is true or not! 

In today’s internet oriented world, a lot of fake news or rumours come into the limelight and that is why we consider it our duty to make sure to address such rumours and make people aware about the reality of such news.

We hope that this article was able to make all of you aware about the reality of the news of Eddie Levert’s death. Keep visiting our website regularly to read more articles on such topics. Please feel free to share any suggestions in the comments.

Who is Eddie Levert?

Eddie Levert is a well-known American singer who is best known for being the lead vocalist of the R&B group the O’Jays.

Is Eddie Levert Dead or Alive?

Yes, Eddie Levert is still alive. Although various reports have been circulating all across the internet about his death, they are nothing more than a hoax.

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