Is EDP445 Dead or alive ? Know more about Him

Bryant Moreland, better known as EDP445, was a unique and controversial figure in the world of YouTube. His humorous and passionate discussions about the Philadelphia Eagles and his larger-than-life personality made him a polarizing figure in the sports and entertainment community. However, on Sunday, September, 10th, 2023, the world received the shocking news that EDP445 had passed away in his sleep. But, how did EDP445 die?

Keep reading the article to know more about EDP445, including who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for him, and much more!

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Who Was EDP445?

EDP445, an American YouTuber known for his humorous discussions of the Philadelphia Eagles, has passed away. The family claims that Bryant Moreland’s liver disease caused his untimely death in his sleep. The 32-year-old was declared dead at his home early on September 10, 2023, after failing to awaken from sleep.

According to Wikitubia News, Bryant Moreland was a practicing pedophile. EatDatPussy445 is an acronym for Bryant Moreland’s well-known stage name, EDP445. Bryant Turhan Emerson was his birth name; nevertheless, he went by Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason. The Unseen reported that liver failure was the cause of his demise.

EDP445’s journey to internet stardom was not an overnight success. Born in California, Bryant Moreland initially gained attention on YouTube for his passionate rants and discussions about the Philadelphia Eagles. His humorous approach and colorful language endeared him to sports fans, and he quickly amassed a dedicated following.

EDP445 became known for his over-the-top reactions to Eagles games, often turning to his camera to vent his frustrations or celebrate victories in a unique and entertaining way.

His channel, “EDP445,” became a hub for Eagles fans to share their experiences, and his videos resonated with viewers who appreciated his unfiltered and relatable commentary. Over time, EDP445’s channel gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the YouTube sports community.

Is EDP445 Dead or alive?

An American YouTuber Bryant Moreland, widely recognized as EDP445, sadly passed away on Sunday, September, 10th, 2023, leaving many heartbroken. The news sent shockwaves through the online community, and tributes and condolences poured in from fans and fellow YouTubers.

Known for his passionate and humorous discussions about the Philadelphia Eagles, EDP445’s larger-than-life persona captured the hearts of many sports fans and internet enthusiasts. 

EDP445’s family made a heartbreaking announcement, revealing that he had passed away in his sleep. According to his family, the official cause of EDP445’s death was liver disease.

The news of EDP445’s unfortunate death was first announced by The Unseen, and penned a heartfelt note for him, saying

“I must break the sad news to everyone that Bryant Moreland (also known as EDP445) died yesterday night in his sleep from liver failure. His humor on YouTube and passion for the Philadelphia Eagles will live on.”

It is crucial to remember that behind every online persona, there is a real person with their own challenges and struggles. EDP445’s story is a reminder that we should desire compassion and support for those in need, both in the digital world and in our daily lives.

EDP445 Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his popularity, EDP445 was not without controversy. His use of explicit language, offensive jokes, and sometimes inappropriate behavior in his videos drew criticism. This led to several suspensions and demonetization of his channel on YouTube. Additionally, he faced allegations of harassment and inappropriate interactions with fans, which further tarnished his reputation.

In 2020, a controversy involving inappropriate text messages with a minor surfaced, causing significant backlash and further damaging his image. YouTube ultimately banned EDP445’s channel, marking a significant downfall in his career.

Beginning in July 2020, Deyione was charged with numerous allegations of grooming a child. The turning point in the allegations against him came in April 2021 when he was discovered attempting to meet a child after sending sexually explicit texts to a fake. Deyione turned all of his videos private on April 24, 2021, and YouTube suspended all of his channels on April 27, 2021.

Deyione debuted his primary channel and his first video, a freestyle rap performance, on June 13 of that year. He was only 19 years old at the time. The first Eagles-related video he published was titled “59-28. Eagles fuckin kills the redskins” and was published on November 16 of that year.

The passing of EDP445, known to the world as Bryant Moreland, has left a huge left in the hearts of those who knew him. His struggles with liver disease and the controversies that surrounded him made him a complex and controversial figure in the online world. Regardless of one’s opinion of him, his impact on the Philadelphia Eagles community and the world of YouTube cannot be denied.

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