Is Model Claire Bridges dead or alive? 22 year old has both legs amputated

Claire Bridges, a 22-year-old American model who is mostly known for getting both her legs amputated due to COVID-19 complications last year, has again been trending on social media as reports of her death surfaced on the internet. Following these reports, netizens are concerned about her health and are searching for information about her death on the internet.

Do you also want to know if Claire Bridges is dead or alive? If yes, keep reading this article, as it will give you information about Claire Bridges, her health background, if she is dead or alive, and much more!

Who is Claire Bridges?

Claire Bridges, whose full name is Carolyn Claire Bridges, is a 22-year-old American model and social media influencer who had to get both her legs amputated due to several COVID-19 complications. Bridges was born in 2001 in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. She was born with some heart problems, which made her a patient with an increased risk of serious complications.

The American model Claire Bridges is a popular name across all social media, as her Instagram handle, @clurby, has over 17,000 (17 K) followers. Her most recent Instagram post was on January 17, 2023, which marks one year since the start of a new battle in her life.

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More about Model Claire Bridges’s Health issues

Being born with heart problems, Claire was a patient with an increased risk of serious complications if she contracted the COVID disease, which is the reason she got a vaccine. But unfortunately, she acquired the virus even after getting the vaccine and was diagnosed with multiple health problems even after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Some reports even suggest that the vaccine made her case even worse, but no confirmation was made about it. She was diagnosed with myocarditis due to COVID-19, and not only this, she developed complications such as rhabdomyolysis (where the muscle tissue breaks down and then passes into the blood), acidosis, mild pneumonia, and cyanosis.

Bridges was admitted to the ICU on life support, but she was so weak and sick that her heart stopped functioning, which forced the emergency teams to perform resuscitation. The medical team was able to save her life, but the damage to both her legs was too much, and thus, to avoid further danger to her health, she had to get both her legs amputated.

Is Model Claire Bridges dead or alive?

Yes, Daz Black is still alive. Although reports about his death were circulating all around the internet, they were nothing more than a hoax. Bridges is still alive, but she currently needs prayers more than anything else, as she is fighting for her life at a hospital.

As private treatment is too expensive, the family of Claire Bridges has organized a fundraiser to raise money to aid her recovery. Due to Claire Bridges’ health issues, we request each one of you to please pray for her health and help her family as much as you can through the “gofundme” fundraiser.

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Who is Claire Bridges?

Claire Bridges is a 22 year old American model from St. Petersburg, Florida, who is mostly known for getting both her legs amputated due to COVID-19 complications.

Is Model Claire Bridges dead or alive?

Yes, Claire Bridges is still alive. Reports about her death have been circulating across the internet, but she is alive and is currently admitted to the hospital. Thus, her death reports were nothing more than a hoax.

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