Is Peter Minshall Dead or Alive? Know Everything In Detail

Every social media platform is currently filled with a debate around Trinidadian Carnival Musician Peter Minshall. There are rumors circulating that Peter Minshall passed away on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 at the age of 81. His supporters assert that the musician is fully healthy and living. Nonetheless, many claim that he is now dead. Let’s investigate this and determine the whole truth.

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Keep reading the article to know more about Peter Minshall, including who he was, is he died or alive, how the news of his death spread, and much more!

Who Is Peter Minshall?

Minshall was born in Georgetown, Guyana, on July 16, 1941, but his family relocated to Trinidad when he was a little child after his father accepted a position as a cartoonist. Minshall was up in Port of Spain, the nation’s capital, where he was exposed to Carnival at a young age. Peter made his first outfit when he was just 13 years old. He pursued his education at the Central School of Art and Design in London after completing his studies at Queen’s Royal College, where he concentrated on Theatre Design.

Peter Minshall started making Carnival costumes for different family members and acquaintances of the family even before he finished high school. When a director looked through a portfolio of his Carnival designs, he received his first significant theatrical commission for a performance at Sadler’s Wells. He wrote his thesis on the bat, a typical Carnival character, while he was still in art school.
He has used his imagination to transform many of The Mas characters and storylines into yearly plays. And eventually, his efforts led to a drastic change in the definition of Carnival production. Instead of simply creating a Carnival Band, he produced a show that featured colour, costumes, sculpture, and music. The actors and characters in his story were played by the production’s participants.

Is Peter Minshall Dead or Alive? Who Spread this Hoax

Several news websites and sources stated that Trinidadian musician Peter Minshall died at the age of 81. Many shared posts on social media, giving their condolences and sympathies to Peter’s family.
However, it was a massive lie.
It has now been officially confirmed that Peter Minshall is still alive. The news of his death is entirely false, according to Minshall MAS’s Facebook post.
On February 22, 2023, the Facebook post of Minshall MAS told all the fans that Peter Minshall is well and safe and “this is a lie.” Davis is not dead yet. The statement reads,

“Peter Minshall is still with us today. Please assist in destroying fake news.”

How Did Peter Minshall’s Death News/Rumor Spread?

It all started on February 21st, 2023, when a few of unverified users shared the news about the death of Peter Minshall on Facebook and other social media platforms. According to those posts, he passed away unexpectedly and his fans broke out after this news.

One of the primary reasons why people started to believe this rumor is because of his inactive social media accounts. The musician or anyone hasn’t said anything and remained silent since last year.

Reactions Towards Peter Minshall’s Death Rumour

All of his loved ones tried to stop these rumors of Peter after he started getting calls and messages from people saying the musician has passed away. They initially had no idea why everyone was so convinced by the false story and that’s why they made the decision to speak up and put an end to these problems as a result.

Trinidad Express Newspaper posted on Facebook with the complete truth, saying
“Peter Minshall, a renowned Mas Man, is still alive. This afternoon, news of his death traveled across the Carnival scene and was picked up by the state-owned TTT, which also reported it.”

Kejan Haynes tweeted, “Peter Minshall is still living. A friend I spoke with stated he had just spoken with him, he said he had also heard the rumors.”

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