Jabriel Goodwin of Mesa, AZ, Charged in Woonsocket Stabbing Incident

The Woonsocket Police Department has charged Jabriel Goodwin, a resident of Mesa, Arizona, in connection with a stabbing incident that left Bryan Bailey of Mansfield injured.

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The Incident

The incident occurred outside the Ocean State Job Lot on Park Avenue in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The victim, Bryan Bailey, sustained a stab wound to his leg and was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital.

The Suspect: Jabriel Goodwin

Jabriel Goodwin, a resident of Mesa, Arizona, is the prime suspect in this case. Following the incident, Goodwin reportedly fled the scene, leading to a police chase.

The Pursuit and Arrest

The Woonsocket police pursued Goodwin, which resulted in a vehicle rollover Goodwin was eventually taken into custody. Further details about the pursuit or the circumstances leading to Goodwin’s arrest have not been disclosed.

Ongoing Investigation

The Woonsocket Police Department recovered a knife from the scene and continues to investigate the incident. More details are expected to emerge as the investigation progresses.


Violent incidents like the Woonsocket stabbing highlight the importance of public safety and swift law enforcement action. As the legal proceedings against Jabriel Goodwin continue, the community awaits justice for Bryan Bailey.

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