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On June 10, 2023, the friends, family, and loved ones of Jacklyn Smith, best known as Jacky Oh, came together to say their final goodbyes. The former “Wild ‘N Out” cast member and partner of Atlanta comedian DC Young Fly passed away on May 31, 2023, leaving behind three children. DC Young Fly paid an emotional tribute to his partner at her funeral in Atlanta, saying his final words to the woman he loved and cherished.

This article will take a closer look at who Jacky Oh was, DC’s message to her, and funeral live stream and more.

Who was Jacky Oh?

Jacklyn Smith was a talented performer known for her appearances on “Wild ‘N Out” and her partnership with DC Young Fly. Jacky was a mother of three, a devoted partner, and an entertainer who brought joy to all those around her. She was born and raised in Atlanta, where she developed her love for music and comedy. Her humor and bubbly personality made her a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Jacky was only 32 years old when she passed away, leaving behind a community of fans and loved ones who cherished her.

DC Young Fly’s tribute to Jacky Oh was heartbreaking yet touching. He thanked her for giving him their beautiful children and for being the love of his life. He spoke of the pain he felt at losing her and the difficulty of coming to terms with her death. DC’s message was a testament to the love they shared and the bond they built over the years they spent together.

Jacky Oh Funeral Casket

The livestream of Jacky Oh’s funeral casket brought tears to the eyes of viewers worldwide. It was a solemn yet beautiful send-off, with people from all walks of life coming together to pay their respects. The funeral was a powerful reminder of the impact Jacky had on the lives of those around her.

What was the cause of Jacky Oh death?

DC Young Fly, known for his comedic talent on ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ , Jacklyn Smith, known professionally as Ms Jacky Oh. The 32-year-old was found unresponsive on May 31 at a hotel in Miami, where she was staying during her Mommy Makeover. Ms Jacky Oh was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital, but the cause of death has not yet been disclosed. This has left many fans wondering what the official cause of Jacky Oh’s death was.

The legacy of Jacky Oh will live on through her children and the memories she created. Jacky was a talented performer who touched the hearts of many with her humor and wit. She will be remembered as a devoted mother, a loving partner, and an inspiration to all those pursuing their dreams.

Jacky Oh Funeral services live Stream

The loss of Ms Jacky Oh has undoubtedly left a hole in the entertainment industry, and DC Young Fly’s emotional tribute to his partner at her funeral in Atlanta was a testament to how much she meant to him.

The final farewell to Jacky Oh was undoubtedly emotional, but it celebrated her life and contributions to the world. DC Young Fly’s message and the outpouring of love from those who knew her best were a testament to the person she was and the impact she had on the world. Jacky Oh’s death was a loss to the entertainment industry, but her memory will live on. As we mourn her passing, we celebrate the joy she brought to those around her and the memories she created. Let us remember her for all the good she did and the people she touched. Rest in peace, Jacky Oh.

Charkeiro Parker
This is the example of a God-fearing man and i absolutely felt every word that was spoken. God never puts more on us than we can handle and gives his strongest battles to the chosen one. DC YOUNG FLY your chosen and we now see why! The strength you just displayed is absolutely beautiful and your children is so lucky to have a dad like you! #Trust Gods Plan Rip #jackyoh

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