Janet Panetta dies At 75: Know More About Her

Janet Panetta, the renowned New York NY ballet dancer and trainer, passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 75. From an early age, Panetta dedicated her life to the art of ballet, studying under esteemed instructors such as Margaret Craske, Antony Tudor, and Alfredo Corvino at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School.

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An Influential Career

Throughout her career, Panetta made significant contributions to both classical ballet and contemporary dance forms. A veteran of the American Ballet Theatre, she also had broad experience in contemporary dance forms. She was known for her teaching style, especially for contemporary dancers, influencing many through her unique approach to ballet.

Legacy in Dance

Despite closing the Panetta Movement Center, Panetta continued to be in demand overseas for her exceptional skills and knowledge. Her influence extended beyond New York, shaping the dance community globally.

Mourning a Loss

The New York Ballet dancers community is mourning the tragic death of Panetta. Her loss is deeply felt by her students, colleagues, and admirers in the dance world. Panetta’s family confirmed her death, stating that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


Janet Panetta’s passing marks the end of an era in the world of ballet. Her contributions to the form and her impact on countless dancers will ensure her legacy endures. She will be remembered not just as a performer and teacher, but as an influential figure who shaped the landscape of contemporary ballet.

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