Jared Maddox Dead in Fireworks Explosion at Gilmer Event: Here’s What Happened

The owner of Firehouse 9 Farm, Jared Maddox, was identified as the dead victim of the fatal explosion at the facility on Tuesday. Here’s what happened to Jared Maddox and how the tragic firework explosion that killed him was caused.

Four other individuals were also injured in the explosion that stunned the neighborhood. An investigation is going on and the early signs confirm that it was an accident. Tributes have emerged for Jared Maddox on social media and in the community.

Jared Maddox Identified as the Person Dead at Fireworks Explosion

A tragic fireworks explosion happened near 4101 Locust Road in Gilmer on Tuesday around 10:30 AM. Jared Maddox, of Gilmer, was killed in the scary incident while four other individuals were injured and rushed to the hospital.

Upshur County officials confirmed on Wednesday that Jared Maddox was dead due to the injuries sustained in the explosion and subsequent fire on Tuesday at this facility named Firehouse 9 Farm.

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Sheriff Larry Webb responded to the scene in Gilmer. According to him, his office received a call about a fireworks explosion at the event venue. It was followed by a multi-jurisdiction response and a total of nine departments responded to the scene.

Who was Jared Maddox?

Jared Maddox was a resident of Gilmer and the owner of the Firehouse 9 Farm event center. The 58-year-old man was also a former Longview firefighter at the city of Longview. He had served the public for the major portion of his life.

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In addition to that, Jared Maddox was also a son, brother, father, husband, and friend to many. He was widely known as “Mutley” to the people who loved him. He has been identified as the deceased victim of the Gilmer fireworks explosion that took place on July 4th, 2023.

What caused Gilmer fireworks Explosion that killed Jared Maddox?

Jared Maddox, the owner of Firehouse 9 Farm, died in a freak explosion and fire at the facility on Tuesday. The staff present there was preparing the fireworks for an event scheduled for Tuesday night when the accident occurred.

They were nearing the completion of approximately 300 3-inch fireworks shells when an electric match that feeds a shell caused the explosion. It was then followed by a fire that injured four people and killed Jared Maddox.

Upshur County deputies, constables, fire agencies, and medical personnel responded to the scene of the incident. The fire involved fireworks explosions and other volatile flammable items. Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office and the ATF are carrying out further investigation.

Justice of the Peace Wyone Manes ordered Maddox’s body to be taken for an autopsy and the reports are awaited. We will keep you posted when new information is released.

Sherrif Webb Sends Condolences to Jared Maddox’s Family

UCSO Sherrif Web paid respect to the deceased and sent condolences to his family in a heartfelt statement. “Sheriff Webb, on behalf of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office, wishes to express condolences to the family of Mr. Maddox,” he stated.

He added: “He provided assistance to the Sheriff’s Office and other emergency services for many years. He will be missed. Please keep all of those injured in this incident, and their families, in your thought and prayers.”

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Several other tributes emerged for the late Jared Maddox on social media where people remember him as an amazing man. He is going to be missed by everyone for a very long time.

An obituary is awaited for Jared Maddox while funeral arrangements are pending. They’ll likely take place after the autopsy when the body is handed over to the family. We will keep you posted with the latest updates.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go to the loved ones of the deceased. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.

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