Jarquez Hunter Exposed as Scandal Video Leakedon Twitter And reddit:Auburn Suspends Top Player

Auburn University football player Jarquez Hunter is suspended after an alleged s*x scandal video leaked online and exposed him with his teammates and a girl getting involved in inappropriate acts. Here’s everything about the Jarquez Hunter leaked video and where to watch it.

The school has also suspended Hugh Freeze and other players who were seen in the video. An official statement has been released stating that the university is aware of the situation and reviewing it. Hunter could face serious punishments if the allegations are proven.

Jarquez Hunter Sextape Video Allegedly Leaked Online

An alleged sex scandal video featuring Jarquez Hunter leaked online, starting from Twitter, and then spreading to other social media platforms including Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, and others. The video shows Jarquez Hunter getting involved in sexual acts with an unknown girl.

Some teammates of Jarquez Hunter including Hugh Freeze were also seen in the room and getting involved in sexual activities. It’s unknown if the people knew that their acts were getting recorded and the video was seemingly captured without their consent.

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The viral Jarquez Hunter leaked video was posted online by a Twitter account that later turned into a private profile. When the news spread like wildfire, the Twitter user started asking for money to show the video and moved it to his OnlyFans account.

Where to Watch Jarquez Hunter Leaked Video?

The alleged leaked video featuring Jarquez Hunter getting involved in group sex acts with his teammates and a girl has been taken down from the Internet. You can’t watch it anywhere. It was removed as the video was likely captured without the consent of the people involved.

If you are looking for it, we’d recommend that you should stop wasting your time. Instead, you can watch the top plays by one of the hottest college football players this year. Jarquez Hunter is one of the top prospects having the potential to grab top offers this year.

We will not embed the clip here as it contains mature content and would be distressing to some of our readers. The leaked video was also recorded without the players knowing about it. It’s illegal to share it with more users.

Auburn University Suspends Jarquez Hunter and Others

Auburn University has released a public statement addressing news around Jarquez Hunter and his alleged sex tape that leaked online. The university has suspended the running back along with other people involved in the incident including Hugh Freeze.

“We are aware of the situation and take this matter very seriously. We are aware of the situation and take this matter very seriously” the statement read. It added: “Indefinite suspensions have been issued for violation of applicable Auburn Athletics department policy. No further comment will be provided at this time.”

The statement came from Jennifer Adams, the executive director of public affairs at Auburn University. It was released on Thursday night.

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The Tigers star could face serious consequences if the allegations are proven. He is one of the top players on the Auburn roster this season. Jarquez Hunter is one of the Top 100 College Football Players in 2023 this week.

He is also one of the Auburn’s top performers during spring practice. The young running back is likely to get a top deal in the coming months. However, such controversies could hinder his potential and he might face roadblocks in his professional football career.

This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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