Javier Milei Religion: Is He Catholic Christian or Jewish? Ethnicity and Origin

Javier Milei, the President-elect of Argentina, has garnered attention not only for his economic and political views but also for his religious affiliation. In this article, we will delve into the topic of Javier Milei’s religion, exploring whether he identifies as Catholic Christian or Jewish, and provide insights into his ethnicity and origin.

Javier Milei’s Background

Javier Gerardo Milei is an Argentine economist, author, and politician who rose to prominence for his strong libertarian views and unorthodox economic proposals. While his political ideology has been widely discussed, there has been curiosity surrounding his religious beliefs, which has become a subject of public interest.

Catholic Upbringing

Javier Milei was raised in a Catholic household, and Catholicism has traditionally been the dominant religion in Argentina. However, despite his Catholic upbringing, Milei has expressed views that are at odds with certain aspects of the Catholic Church’s teachings.

Interest in Judaism and Jewish Studies

Although Javier Milei was born and raised Catholic, there have been reports indicating his interest in Judaism and regular study of Jewish topics with a rabbi in Buenos Aires. This has led to speculation about his potential conversion to Judaism or his affinity for Jewish culture and traditions.

Observance of Sabbath and Conversion Challenges

While Milei has shown a keen interest in Judaism, he has acknowledged that observing the Sabbath may present a challenge for him if he were to consider converting to Judaism. The observance of the Sabbath is a significant aspect of Jewish religious practice, and potential converts often undertake a rigorous process to adopt this commitment fully.

Ethnicity and Origin

Javier Milei’s ethnicity and origin align with his Argentine heritage. As a native-born Argentine, he belongs to the ethnic majority of the country, which is predominantly of European descent, particularly from countries such as Italy and Spain. Milei’s family background and ancestral roots trace back to Argentina, reflecting the multicultural fabric of the nation.


While Javier Milei’s religious beliefs may be a topic of discussion and speculation, there is no definitive information regarding his current religious affiliation. He was raised Catholic but has expressed an interest in Judaism and engaged in Jewish studies. As for his ethnicity and origin, he belongs to the majority European-descended population of Argentina

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