Jaylani Rosa Missing: Search Underway for Missing Riverview Teenager, Jaylani Rosa

The community of Riverview, Florida, is in a state of concern following the disappearance of local teenager, Jaylani Rosa. Known to her friends and family as “Jay,” she has been reported missing and is believed to have run away. Given her struggle with extreme depression, there is serious concern about her well-being.

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Jaylani Rosa Missing, What Actually Happened?

Jaylani Rosa was last seen in Riverview, off Big Bend and Balm Riverview, wearing a camo T-shirt dress. Standing at 4’11” and weighing approximately 110 lbs, her sudden disappearance has sparked a community-wide search. The circumstances surrounding her departure suggest that she may have run away, raising serious concerns due to her ongoing struggle with severe depression.

Bethany Johnson

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My daughter is missing! She struggles with extreme depression and may be a harm to herself. My daughter ran away and HSCO is out looking for her. Anyone who can help. Reach out to me if anyone finds something. Jaylani Rosa (Jay) She is 4’11 110 poundsLast seen with a Camo T-shirt dressLast seen in riverview off of big bend and balm Riverview 8134261175

Jaylani Rosa Struggle with Depression

Jay’s battle with extreme depression adds a layer of urgency to her disappearance. Mental health struggles can often lead to impulsive decisions, and there is fear that she might harm herself. It is essential to find her swiftly to ensure her safety.

Call to Action: Help Locate Jaylani Rosa

The local authorities are urging anyone who may have seen Jaylani Rosa in the last 24 hours to contact Investigator Reece at 863-632-8781. Every bit of information helps, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Time is of the essence in cases of missing persons, and your help could be critical in ensuring Jay’s safe return.

Bethany Johnson

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Jaylani is still missing. Cops are not helping! She was spotted and I contacted deputies to come out to help search the area again and the cops never showed up! Please anyone who has information ! Speak to your kids and see if they heard or seen anything. We have We Are The Essentials investigators out helping us search for Jaylani! We also have alot of neighbors helping out to find her! I’ve contacted Spectrum Bay News 9 and in the process of contacting other news stations. PLEASE HELP! Please reach out to us and let us know anything! Jaylani mami! If you see this please come home! We love and miss you! You are my first born! And I don’t know how my world would exist without you! You are my heartbeat baby I NEED YOU! You are not in trouble Pleasee!!! Pleasee pleasee!! Come home! Every one is here looking for you ! (813)426-1175

A Community United in Search

The community of Riverview, Florida, is united in their search for Jaylani Rosa, a local teenager who has gone missing. Known as “Jay,” she is described as being 4’11”, weighing about 110 lbs, and was last seen wearing a camo T-shirt dress.

Leonardo Olan

Knowing that this girl is still missing really breaks my heart. Especially since I have a daughter her age with similar struggles. I don’t care where you’re at, just share this post on your page and make sure that it’s privacy is set to public. The power of social media is strong and everyone knows someone that knows someone. I just want to see that this girl gets found safely and returned home to her family.Edit: She is a run-away. Her mother, Bethany, stated that Jaylani struggles with extreme depression and may be a harm to herself. If anyone knows anything, call the police and also reach out to the mother. Jaylani Rosa (Jay) She is 4’11 110 pounds8134261175 – Bethany (Mom)

As we join together in this search, we are reminded of the importance of community support and vigilance. Let us hold hope in our hearts for Jay’s safe return and continue our efforts to find her.

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