Jimmy Ayoub Death : Renowned Mahogany Rush Drummer, Passes Away

In a saddening development, Jimmy Ayoub, the long-tenured drummer of the Canadian rock band Mahogany Rush, has passed away. The news was confirmed through various social media posts, leaving fans and fellow musicians in mourning.

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About Jimmy Ayoub

Jimmy Ayoub was a vital part of Mahogany Rush, a rock band that originated in Montreal, Quebec, in 1969. The band gained considerable popularity during the 1970s, with Ayoub’s drumming skills playing a pivotal role in their rise to prominence.

Mahogany Rush and Their Legacy

Mahogany Rush, under the leadership of guitarist Frank Marino, was recognized for their unique sound and dynamic performances. Despite various origin stories surrounding the band, including one suggesting that Marino became the spirit of Jimi Hendrix following an overdose, their music stood out and spoke volumes.

Cause of Death

The cause of Ayoub’s death has not been made public at this time. His passing was confirmed by Mitch Lafon on Twitter and by Frank Marino’s official Facebook page.

Frank Marino’s Retirement

Frank Marino, the guitarist-leader of Mahogany Rush, retired at the age of 66 due to an unexpected and debilitating medical condition. His farewell to live performances came after the “Agora Goodbye” concert, marking the end of a musical era.


The passing of Jimmy Ayoub is a significant loss to the music industry, particularly for those who appreciated the work of Mahogany Rush. His contributions to the band and the broader music scene will forever be remembered. May he rest in peace.

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