Jonae Seaborn Missing: Family Seeks Help to Find 16-Year-Old Teen

Missing-Endangered teen Jonae Seaborn is still not found and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office is calling for community help to find the young girl. Read on to learn how did Jonae Seaborn go missing, what happened to her, and who is behind the incident.

Seaborn was last seen on the Biscayne Boulevard area of Northside. Efforts are being made to find the teen who has been classified as “Missing-Endangered.” Her family is seeking help from locals to get any information about her.

Who is Jonae Seaborn?

Jonae Seaborn is a 16-year-old teen from the Dunn Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard area of Northside. Born in 2007, Jonae Elizabeth Seaborn is girl belonging to the black ethnicity. She is described as 5 foot 5 and weighs 130 pounds

She has brown eyes and black hair. It’s not known what type of clothing she was wearing before she went missing. More details about her should be available soon. We will update this section then.

Joane Seaborn Missing: What Happened to Her?

Dunn Avenue teen Jonae Seaborn, 16, went missing from the Biscayne Boulevard area of Northside. She has been reported missing by family members under suspicious circumstances. The police have classified her as “Missing-Endangered.”

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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has launched a search probe to find Jonae Seaborn. Her family and the police are seeking help from the community to find her. However, no positive updates have arrived yet.

We will keep you posted when any information is found. If you have any information about the Jonae Seaborn missing case, you can report it to the respective authorities.

Is Jonae Seaborn Kidnapped?

Jonae Seaborn went missing earlier this week and she hasn’t been found yet. The police have classified her as “Missing-Endangered” and her family has reported her missing under mysterious circumstances.

It’s not known if Jonae Seaborn is kidnapped as there have been no ransom calls yet. However, there is an early speculation that she is abducted and her life may be under threat.

Latest update:

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How to Report Information About Jonae Seaborn?

If you have any information about Joanae Seaborn, you can contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office immediately at 904-630-0500. Ensure that you provide accurate info and not make any false claims.

You may also contact her family or the authorities via social media, preferably on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a developing story. We will keep adding the latest updates here.

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