Josie Costello Missing 14-Year-Old Found Or Not ? Know Everything About This Incident

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare their child going missing. Sadly, this nightmare has become a reality for the Costello family, as their 14-year-old daughter Josie has been missing since May 3rd, 2023. Law enforcement agencies and the Costello family are increasingly searching for any news or leads about her whereabouts. In this article, we will delve deeper into who Josie Costello is, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Keep reading more.

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Who is Josie Costello? Where was she last seen?

Josie Costello is a 14-year-old girl from the Grand Rapids/Forest Hills area of Michigan. She was last seen in Muskegon on May 3rd with an unidentified man in a red Pontiac Firebird or G6 with a black door on the driver’s side. Josie was driving the car, which is a concerning detail considering she is only 14 years old and does not have a driver’s license. She was last seen driving towards Grant, Michigan, with the unidentified man. Josie was last spotted on security footage at an IHOP restaurant in Muskegon with the unknown male. She also used her mother’s debit card at a Wesco convenience store in Whitehall, Michigan.

Is Josie Costello Found Or Not?

According to Facebook Post, 14-year-old Josie Costello, who had been missing for some time, has been found. Thanks to the tireless efforts of law enforcement agencies and community members who shared information about her disappearance, Josie has been reunited with her loved ones. It’s always concerning when a young person goes missing, but it’s heartening to see how people come together in times of crisis to help find those who are lost. Despite the lack of concrete leads in this case, people continued to spread the word and offer support, resulting in Josie’s safe return.

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