Joy Behar’s Bra Malfunction At “The View” Whoopi Goldberg Becomes the Savior

On Valentine’s Day, an unexpected surprise occurred on the set of The View when Joy Behar’s bra suddenly came out with a mic in her coat and become the center of attraction for people.

But then host Whoopi Goldberg become a savior & humorously remarked that it was like an earthquake before her cohost Sunny Hostin jumped in to help adjust the microphone attached to Behar’s jacket.

While bemused viewers may have laughed at the moment, it only serves as another reminder of all the inanimate objects that seem determined to cause Joy harm.

In recent months, she has been victim to a chair collapse, a persistent cell phone during a live show, an elevator breakdown, and funnily enough, even an old portrait that was left behind in Alyssa Farah Griffin’s dressing room.

In spite of it all though, it’s clear that Joy always finds a way to keep up her spirit and make people laugh along with her.

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