Julie Skyhigh died by sucide: Know More About Her Life

Julie Skyhigh, born as Julie Jodar, was a well-known figure in the adult entertainment industry. Her untimely death in 2018 shocked her fans and the industry alike. This article seeks to explore her life, career, and the circumstances surrounding her tragic demise.

Early Life and Career

Julie Jodar was born on November 13, 1991, in Belgium. She entered the adult film industry under the stage name Julie Skyhigh. With her unique style and striking looks, she quickly gained recognition and amassed a considerable following.

Relationship with Pierre Woodman

One of the most controversial aspects of Julie’s life was her relationship with Pierre Woodman, a prominent figure in the adult film industry. Their relationship was reportedly abusive, a factor that significantly contributed to Julie’s deteriorating mental health.

Struggles with Mental Health

In the weeks leading up to her death, Julie had several interactions with mental health services. Despite these interventions, her condition did not improve significantly, pointing towards the severity of her struggles.

Julie skyhigh died by sucide

Julie Skyhigh died by suicide in June 2018. She was only 26 years old at the time of her death. Her death shocked her fans and the industry, sparking discussions about mental health issues within the adult film industry.


Despite her untimely death, Julie Skyhigh left an indelible mark on the adult entertainment industry. Her life and death serve as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the dire consequences of abusive relationships.

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