Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins Died in a Car Accident: Cause of Death and Obituary

Two women from Atlanta, Georgia, Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins, died in a tragic car accident earlier this week. Read on to learn how did Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins die, what happened to them, and their cause of death in this obituary.

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Two fundraisers have been launched for the family. They are going through a very rough phase of life as the members mourn the loss. Friends and other people from the community are also paying respect to the departed souls.

Who were Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins?

Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins were two young women from the United States. The two sisters belonged to Atlanta, Georgia. They have been identified as the victims killed in a car crash recently. Their families have been informed about the accident.

Autumn Perkins was the wife of Matthey Perkins, who is an Account Manager at Cisco. He is also commonly known as Matt. She was also the mother of Grant and Gray Perkins. The two young boys will now grow up with their beloved mother.

How did Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins die?

Two U.S. women Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins died in a scary car accident. The crash took place when their vehicle lost its balance on a highway and swayed away from the road. First responders were called to the scene and the women were rushed to the hospital.

However, the doctors pronounced them shortly after that. They couldn’t save them. The unfortunate news of their passing was confirmed by the GoFundMe fundraisers launched for them. The local media outlets also announced the tragedy.

What was the cause of the accident that killed them?

The cause of the crash that killed Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins is not known at this time. The police are investigating the accident and more details should be available soon. It’s not known if the drivers involved were under an influencer.

The victims’ bodies were sent for autopsy and the doctors have confirmed that the injuries sustained in the crash were the cause of death. We will update this section as more details are made available to the public.

Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins Obituary and Funeral

An obituary for Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins is awaited at this time. The family is yet to cope with the tragedy and release a statement at this time. The two women were deeply loved and admired in the community.

A GoFundMe fundraiser was launched for Autumn Perkins by her husband Matt’s team at Cisco. It has a goal of collecting $25,000 for the family, especially the two boys to support the funeral expenses of their mother. You can donate to the campaign here.

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Another fundraiser was launched for Kathy Dishman. You can also donate to it and help support her funeral costs. We will keep you posted on the arrangements once they are released.

Please send condolences to the families of Kathy Dishman and Autumn Perkins. Their loved ones need your thoughts and prayers. Our heartfelt wishes go out to them. May God let the departed souls rest in peace.

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