Kingston High School Car Accident: A Tragic Loss of Two Students

In a tragic incident that occurred on Route 28 in Mount Tremper, New York, two students from Kingston High School lost their lives in a car accident. A third student was also injured in the crash.

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The Event’s Details

The fatal crash involved a vehicle and a tractor-trailer. It happened on a Monday, and the news has left the entire Kingston High School District mourning the tragic death of the two athletic students.

The Victims

The victims were both students at Kingston High School. Their identities have not been disclosed yet, but they were known to be involved in athletics at the school. The third student who was hurt is currently receiving medical attention.

The Community Responds

News of the accident has sent shockwaves through the community, especially within the Kingston High School district. School officials, teachers, and students are grappling with the loss of their classmates.

Investigation Underway

Local authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. Preliminary reports suggest that excessive speed and failure to obey road markings may have contributed to the collision.


The tragic loss of the two students from Kingston High School serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of road safety. As the community mourns this devastating loss, it is hoped that the investigation will provide answers and prevent future tragedies.

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