Kris Chellani Car Accident : Know More About The Incidence

On an ordinary Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, Kris Chellani, the proprietor of Franklin Street’s beloved Classic Carolina store, reopened the doors to a special establishment. This venture was a continuation of a legacy established by his father, Dhruva Chellani. Classic Carolina had garnered a reputation for offering a collection of UNC-themed garments, from shirts and jackets to dresses and accessories, alongside a charming collection of novelty shirts. However, what was meant to be a celebratory moment soon took a tragic turn as the news of Kris Chellani’s untimely demise sent shockwaves through the community .

Keep reading the article to know more about Kris Chellani, including who he was, how he died what was the cause of his death, tributes for him, and much more!

Who Was Kris Chellani?

Kris Chellani, the son of Dhruva Chellani, had always been passionate about the family business. He grew up immersed in the world of “Classic Carolina,” learning the ins and outs of running the store from his father. Kris shared his father’s dedication to serving the Chapel Hill community and upholding the store’s reputation for excellence. As he prepared to reopen the store, Kris aimed to carry forward the tradition and make his father proud.

Kris was determined to succeed in taking over the family firm, Classic Carolina, which had been in the family since 1993 and was being operated by his father. Thanks to Kris and his father’s tireless work to renovate and modernize the space, the company underwent a complete makeover. It is upsetting that they had to postpone the grand reopening and keep the business closed for an unforeseen period of time as a result of it as they had many great plans set up for the success of Classic.

The Legacy of “Classic Carolina”

“Classic Carolina” is not just a store, it’s a Chapel Hill institution. Established by Dhruva Chellani, the store became a go-to destination for locals and Tar Heel fans alike. The store’s collection of UNC-themed apparel and merchandise made it a vital part of the community. From game day essentials to stylish everyday wear, “Classic Carolina” had it all.

Kris Chellani Car Accident

The owner of Franklin Street’s Classic Carolina store, Kris Chellani from Chapel Hill, North Carolina unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, leaving many heartbroken.

On the evening of September 6, Kris, his mother Nina, and his father Dhruva were traveling home from a neighborhood event. Kris and his father tragically lost their life, when a fast-moving car veered into their lane and struck them head-on, killing both of them straight away.

On Wednesday, Kris Chellani was declared dead, after involving in a fatal car accident. As of now, Nina’s condition has been upgraded to stable, after receiving emergency surgery at a nearby hospital.

Tanya Bhandary confirmed this tragic news on Facebook, and penned a heartfelt note for him, saying

“With great grief and heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Kris Chellani and Dhruva Chellani. After attending a neighborhood event on September 6th, Kris, his mother Nina, and his father Dhruva were returning home. Kris and his father were tragically killed when a fast-moving driver cut into their lane and hit them from behind. After being transported to a nearby hospital for surgery, Nina’s health has now stabilized.”

GoFundMe Page for Kris Chellani

Tanvi Bhandary set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family with additional bills and burial charges. The abrupt and unexpected deaths of Kris and his father have left their family not only emotionally distraught but also burdened with a huge funeral price, unpaid bills, and an uncertain future.

To Donate:

Tributes Emerged for Kris Chellani

Following the news of Kris Chellani’s passing, many people have not been hesitant to express their sincere condolences to his family. All those who knew Kris Chellani over the course of his life will miss him forever. 

Sanjay Jetlife Nuñez posted on Facebook, saying “The tragic loss of both my cousin and my uncle leaves me feeling incredibly terrible and depressed. Being without you guys seems so strange. There are many times when I was glad to be among you all when I was a child, and there are many memories I have of you all.”

In a post, Kenan Reed mentioned, “If you are able, please think about contributing. 

While I was a student, I worked at Classic Carolina, and recently Kris had the place looking better than ever. What a devastating loss for the people of Chapel Hill.”

Krystal Kay mentioned, “On Wednesday night, a motorist struck and killed my father and brother. My mother is in the hospital getting treatment for severe wounds. I ask for your prayers for my family and me as we recently lost two of the greatest guys to ever live.”

The sudden and tragic passing of Kris Chellani, the beloved proprietor of Classic Carolina, left a community in mourning. Kris Chellani’s legacy will live on through the store he cherished, and his memory will continue to inspire those who knew him. The outpouring of grief and support from locals was evidence of the deep-rooted connections he had formed over the years.

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