What Happened To Larry Thorn? Tragedy Strikes in Memphis After Unexpected Death of Larry Thorn

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What happened to Larry Thorn

On Tuesday, tragedy hit close to home for the family of 27-year-old Larry Thorn when he was found shot on Gold Avenue, just a few blocks from Calvary Cemetery. Lovanda Henderson, mother of the victim, is mourning the unexpected death of her oldest son. According to the Memphis Police Department (MPD), officers responded to a “man-down” call and discovered the man had a gunshot wound when they arrived at the scene. The man died at the scene, police said.
Initial reports released by MPD indicated that officers were called to Gold Avenue after receiving a “man down” call around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. When they arrived at the scene they found an adult male with an apparent gunshot wound and immediately began administering medical aid until EMS could arrive on the scene. Unfortunately, it was too late; Larry Thorn died at the scene from his injuries.
The MPD has opened an investigation into this tragic event but has not yet identified any suspects or reported any leads as of yet. They have asked anyone with information about this case to contact them at 901-636-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH (2274).

Justin J. Pearson
“Gun violence is destroying our communities. I’ve lost another classmate from high school to murder. This is painful and devastating. Please continue to pray for Larry Thorn & his beloved family. We have to do more to protect our communities and prevent violence from happening”

At this time, all we can do is pray for Larry’s family and friends as they cope with their loss and hope that justice will be served in due time. As our community mourns we must also remember to keep each other safe by staying aware of our surroundings and looking out for one another. It is only through this collective effort that we can prevent tragedies like these from happening in our city again in the future.

Larry Thorn’s death serves as yet another reminder of how fragile life can be and how quickly things can change without warning. We are sending thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time and hope that justice will be served soon in this senseless tragedy. Our community must come together now more than ever so that we can remain vigilant against crime while also supporting one another in times of need—especially during moments like these when a life has been unexpectedly taken away too soon due to violence in our city streets.

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