Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 2023: Here is the solution for all iPhone:

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If you’re like the majority of people, your iPhone is one of your most often used and cherished pieces of technology. It’s a tool for maintaining relationships with loved ones, completing tasks efficiently at the office, and learning about what’s happening in the world. What should you do, though, if your phone suddenly starts behaving up?

The “Last Line No Longer Available” error is a typical iPhone issue. Frustrating as it may be, this error message often displays when a call is being made. Even if this is a difficult issue to handle, it can be done so swiftly. If you only follow these easy instructions, your phone will be back to normal in no time. Let’s check out “last line no longer available iPhone : here is the solution for all iPhone

What is Last Line No Longer Available error?

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In case you didn’t know, if you have a dual-SIM iPhone, Apple mandates that you designate one SIM as the main line/default connection for all outbound calls, even FaceTime calls. Simply said, a primary line is the number you desire to employ for all outward messages and calls on the iPhone.

When you set a primary line, your iPhone will automatically dial that number whenever you place a call, saving you time that would otherwise be spent selecting a contact’s number. When using a dual-SIM iPhone, choosing a primary phone number can cause the dialer app to become confused, resulting in a pop-up window reading “Last Line No Longer Available.

The notification indicates that your primary phone line isn’t active at the moment, and that you should switch to using your iPhone’s secondary line (or SIM card) to make calls. Selecting the Call button in this popup will cause your iPhone to make a call utilizing the secondary line.

Last line no longer available iPhone 2023: Here is the solution for all iPhone (Methods):

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is the first step you can do. These steps should end any lingering processes or activities in the background which could perhaps be causing the problem and resolve any minimal compatibility issues.

  • iPhone X or later: Tap and press the Sleep/Wake button along with any volume button.
  • Older iPhone: To power off an older iPhone, tap and retain the Sleep/Wake button until you see the slider appear.

After the device has finished powering down, click and hold the Sleep/Wake button again.

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2. Toggle Airplane Mode On/Off

In the event that the error is caused by a problem with your iPhone’s network connection, turning on Airplane mode may help. The iPhone will be compelled to re-establish network contact, which could solve the problem.

To access the settings menu, swipe down from the upper right corner. Use the airplane button to activate the feature. Just give it a minute or two to cool down before you shut it off.

3. Wipe Out Recent Call History

Even if erasing your recent call logs may be something you’re not happy about, it’s a simple solution to the problem. It’s also possible that you’ll continue to see this issue every time you try to make a call from your recent calls list; until then, you’ll have to work around the mistake. Let’s see how you can go on erasing the call log:

  • Open Phone Apps
  • Head to the Recent option
  • Hit on Edit
  • Select Clear, and to confirm, Clear All Recents
  • Turn Off Automatic Network Selection

It’s possible that the “Last Line No Longer Available” message on your iPhone is the result of Automatic Network Selection (ANS). This function, that compels the iPhone to choose what network to link to, does not work properly on dual-SIM iPhones.

If you don’t want your iPhone to automatically dial numbers, you should disable this option. To turn off ANS, click Settings, then go to Cellular, and finally pick Network Selection. Then, flip the switch that is next to Automatic so that it is not on. Choose the network you want to use after turning off ANS.

4. Perform a Reset of Your Network Settings

It could be a software issue if your iPhone suddenly stops allowing you to access a certain line. Therefore, resetting the settings will be sufficient to deal with issue.

To do a factory reset, navigate to the “General” section of your phone’s settings. To do so, select “Reset” and then “Reset Settings” from this menu. It also doesn’t wipe your phone’s data, so you don’t have to worry about making backups.

Have you tried each of the preceding options and still not found one that helps fix the problem? Get the SIM card out and put it back in. This time-tested method has been shown to be effective in resolving cellular disorders. To remove the SIM tray from an iPhone, power it down first. Simply remove the SIM card, take a few seconds, and then re-insert it into the phone. Finally, switch on the iphone by pressing and holding the power switch. Next, try making a call from your iPhone’s default line to check if the problem still occurs.

5. Disable WiFi Calling

iPhones with the Wi-Fi calling function can leverage an existing wireless connection to place and receive calls. In this approach, your iPhone call will go through the Wi-Fi network rather than the cellular one. Using a Wi-Fi connection for phone conversations, however, might occasionally cause problems like the “Last Line No Longer Available” message. If you’re experiencing this problem, turning off Wi-Fi calling might help.

6. Update Carrier Settings

The iPhone must be set up with the appropriate carrier settings in order to establish a connection to a mobile network and exchange data with it. Despite the fact that the iPhone’s carrier settings are activated immediately upon first activation, network operators could alter much of its systems to enhance the stability and security of the connection at a point later.

There may be a glitch in the iPhone’s carrier configuration if the “Last Line No Longer Available” problem emerges. It’s great that carrier settings upgrades are sometimes available, just like iOS updates. The iPhone carrier settings can be updated in the Settings app by selecting General > About.

In the event that your device is missing a necessary carrier update, you will be prompted to update it with the “Carrier Settings Update” message. By selecting Update from this screen, you can get your carrier’s most recent software update.

7. Reset All Settings

If the “Last Line No Longer Available” problem persists after attempting the aforementioned solutions, you can try erasing all of your iOS settings without erasing your data. Given the gravity of the situation, having to reset your iPhone to factory settings ought to be the least of your concerns. Let’s check the steps to achieve the same:

  • Head to the Settings column
  • Select General
  • Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Finally, hit on Reset
  • From the varied list of choices, Reset All Settings
  • The cellphone will now prompt you to enter your passcode, after which you can reset all settings by pressing the corresponding button.

Following that procedure, your iPhone will restart and load as “nearly new,” with all of your custom settings deleted but all of your images and other data preserved. See if your iPhone is working properly for making calls.

8. Update iPhone

This error message may be caused by a flaw in your device, which could be easily resolved by installing the most recent software update. The next version of Apple’s software typically includes bug fixes. As a result, you should examine your gadget to see if there is a new software version available. To update your iPhone:

  • Head to Settings
  • Select General, and choose Software Update
  • Choose Download and Install
  • To finally update the software, input your passcode.

Talk to Apple Support

Finally If you’ve exhausted all other avenues, your last resort is to contact Apple’s customer service department (Apple Care). The solutions provided should be sufficient to resolve the issue with the final line of the notification, but if you continue to experience issues, even after trying all of the solutions provided, feel free to get in touch with Apple support.


If you are using an iPhone and are seeing the error message “Last Line No Longer Available,” attempting one of the solutions outlined above should be able to remedy the issue. When it comes to correcting this problem, regrettably, there is no ultimate solution that can be implemented. The majority of the aforementioned fixes are based on anecdotes, but iPhone users in the community recommend them for last line no longer available iPhone: here is the solution for all IPhone.

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