Lauri Carleton Brutally Shot Dead on LGBTQ Flag Dispute

The tight-knit community of Cedar Glen is reeling after the brutal murder of Lauri Carleton, the beloved founder and owner of Mag.Pi, a one-of-a-kind boutique known for its bold fashions and progressive ethos.

Carleton, was tragically shot multiple times outside her store in broad daylight on Friday in what authorities believe was a premeditated attack motivated by prejudice and hate.

By all accounts, Lauri Carleton was a vibrant force of nature – a fearless visionary committed to empowering diverse communities through fashion. Her infectious optimism and trailblazing spirit made Mag.Pi a cherished local gem. As tributes pour in across social media, she is remembered as a loving friend, a creative mentor, and tireless champion for inclusivity.

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Tributes Shared on Social Media in the memory of beloved Lauri Carleton:-

Patti Clarkson-Eiler wrote a Facebook Post, Sharing her grief & Memoria about the incident by writing:-

It’s a sad and horrible day on our mtn…A respected and talented Cedar Glen, California fashion shop owner has tragically died Friday. Lauri Carleton, owner of Mag.Pi passed away after she was shot multiple times by a suspect. According to reports, the longtime fashionista was killed over a pride flag she hung outside her shop in Cedar Glen Friday evening. The tragic incident happened outside her shop located at 28938 Hook Creek Rd, Cedar Glen

Lauri Rosenthal Carleton was a mother, wife, sister, aunt, and friend to many. According to reports, law enforcement agencies encountered the suspect in the area of Torrey Road in Lake Arrowhead. The unidentified man was shot dead after refusing to heed the officer’s call to drop his weapon.

Katie Kay Mead Local resident shared a Facebook Post sharing her Grief on such a Horrible Incident by writing:-

I have been struggling with how to verbalize what happened last night. Our town is in mourning today after the senseless murder of Lauri Carleton, owner of Mag.pi in Cedar Glen. Lauri was a pillar of the community, endlessly supportive, proactive and full of allyship. She lost her life yesterday after a man tore down the pride flag in front of her store, and when she confronted him, he shot her. Our world is so divided, and this woman lost her life because she encouraged acceptance. Sending love to her husband, children and the countless others who loved her so much.

Spade & Spatula Account also shared a Post on Facebook Appealing to stop this hatred:-

In the wake of friend and ally, Lauri Carleton’s murder last night I contacted the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station for a patrol. I explained that I was in fear for the safety of the public, my staff and myself. I was told that the suspect was “detained” and they would send a unit by “if” they’re available. They also said that I should do whatever I had to do to protect myself. I wasn’t sure if he was a “lone” shooter or if there were more out there. I’m deeply saddened and disturbed by their lack of response or support. I was here until a little after 11pm and not one came by. Not one! And they’re usually in my parking lot patrolling on Friday nights anyways. I donate to them every year, Search and Rescue does fantastic work up here and the volunteers are great but now, I just don’t know if I can believe they are here to protect and serve us! If there would have been more than one of them we would have most definitely been a target and the inaction put everyone here in grave danger! My intent here is not to cause more division but why are our lives not worth a quick patrol and safety check? Welfare patrols are done for rental properties and homeowners on a regular basis. Are our lives not worth it but property and homes are?

Apologies if this is too political for some on a business page but my friend and ally was just murdered and I have to talk about this. The hate has got to stop and I have to share this.

Thank you to those that have sent love and support 🙏!

This senseless act of violence has shattered not just a family, but an entire community. It lays bare the deep social divisions that still run through our society when it comes to acceptance and embracing identity. Carleton’s courage to live authentically and unapologetically, despite the risks, made her a heroic figure to many.

While nothing can undo this horrific tragedy, Carleton’s immortal light and legacy will continue inspiring others to choose compassion over hate, and progress over prejudice. Her loved ones encourage those wishing to honor her to mirror her spirit of fearless authenticity in their own lives – through small acts of everyday kindness and courage.

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