Leaked Video and Photos of TikTok Star Thando Trending on Twitter: Learn What Happened

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Leaked nude photos and videos of South African TikTok star Thando a.k.a @itss.thandooo have appeared on social media platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about the Thando trending video, who leaked it, and how is the TikTok celeb now.

Fans are shocked to witness the young girl’s intimate images and clips Surfacing on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. They are sharing loving messages to the influencer as she urges everyone to not share the mature content further.

Thando Leaked Private Video Trending on Social Media

A couple of private pictures and a video of TikTok star Thando have leaked online and they are trending on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Fans were shocked to witness the uncensored clip featuring the influencer on their timeline on Wednesday.

This led to social media users talking about the influencer and sharing her leaked video on more platforms. Thando is now trending on social media platforms but not for the right reason. She has been a victim of the latest celebrity private video leaked scandal.

It was believed that someone close to Thando betrayed her and leaked her intimate images and the video that was trending recently. Fortunately, the video has been taken down from the web as she is a minor girl and the clips were shared without her consent.

Where to Watch Thando Leaked Trending Social Media Video?

If you are wondering where to watch the leaked video of Thando a.k.a @itss.thandooo that was trending on social media, then we’d like to warn you that she is a minor girl. The leaked intimate images and clips were shared without her consent.

Thando was seen getting involved in intimate acts in the trending video while her leaked pictures featured her without any clothes. Her private body parts were clearly visible there. Consequently, mature content has been taken down from most platforms.

It’s illegal to watch mature content involving people less than 18 years old. If you are trying to search for Thando’s leaked nudes, then we’d request you to not continue doing this. It’s illegal and absolutely wrong.

Who Leaked Thando’s Private Video that is Trending?

Thando has acknowledged the incident of her private videos and images getting leaked online on TikTok. She has shared her side of the story and it’s evident that she is a victim of a celebrity data leak scandal. She was seen emotional in her latest TikTok live.

You can take a look at her side of the story here:

click here

Thando has also confirmed who leaked her private stuff online via Instagram. According to an Instagram Story posted by her (which is now deleted), a user named @asbonge_mtindo leaked her intimate pictures and videos on the social media platform.

She has filed an official complaint against the culprit and they’re likely to get jailed for sharing mature content featuring a minor girl online. Interestingly, netizens were seen wondering if her ex-boyfriend Sasha leaked Thando’s nudes as the couple recently broke up.

Thando Recently Confirmed Breakup with Sasha

Thando and Sasha were a very famous couple on TikTok. The two always appeared in videos and Lives together. They were often seen having a good time together. A lot of TikTok challengers featuring the two teenagers have gone viral in South Africa and other regions.

However, TikTok star Thando recently confirmed that she has broken up with Sasha on an Instagram Live. She stated that it was a mutual decision between them. They have ended their relationship on a positive note and will always be good friends.

Their fans were heartbroken to see the two TikTok stars going on their separate ways. We believe the two may cross paths again. The recent breakup led to netizens conspiring that if Sasha was behind the recent controversy involving Thand. Fortunately, he wasn’t.

Netizens are still shocked that the young girl had to suffer from the distressing incident. Feel free to share your thoughts about this piece of news in the comments.

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