Lesley McNaught, Swiss Equestrian Sport has died

The Swiss Equestrian Federation mourns the loss of one of its brightest stars, Lesley McNaught. Known for her exceptional talent and dedication to show jumping, McNaught leaves behind a legacy that will continue to inspire generations of equestrians.

Who was Lesley McNaught?

Born in Hinckley, GBR, on February 10, 1964, Lesley McNaught moved to Switzerland at the age of eighteen. She started working at the show jumping stable owned by Willi Melliger and eventually married Swiss show jumping rider Markus Mändli. This union marked the beginning of her journey as a Swiss citizen and an icon in the world of equestrian sports.

Lesley McNaught Career

McNaught’s career was nothing short of remarkable. She competed for Switzerland in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she won a silver medal with Dulf Z. Her prowess in show jumping led her to win the Swiss jumping championship twice, in 1991 and 2005.

McNaught also represented Switzerland in three world championships, winning a team medal, four European championships where she won a total of four medals, including two gold for the team, and seven World Cup finals, where she achieved second and third places. These accomplishments earned her widespread recognition as one of the greatest show jumping riders of her generation.

What Happened to Lesley McNaught?

Lesley McNaught passed away, leaving a void in the equestrian world. Her dedication to the sport, combined with her exceptional talent, made her a beloved figure in the equestrian community. Her passing has been met with deep sadness by those who knew her and admired her work.

Paul Nolan

Sad news….’Lesley McNaught passed away’ – From Swiss Equestrian’It is with deep sadness that Swiss Equestrian announces the passing of Lesley McNaught. A true legend of show jumping, the Swiss rider has achieved numerous successes all over the world.Lesley McNaught was born on 10 February 1964 in Hinckley (GBR). She won silver with the Swiss team at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney with Dulf Z and was Swiss champion in show jumping in 1991 and 2005. Lesley McNaught has been the show jumping coach of the Swiss eventing team for three years. With her great expertise, she made a significant contribution to the recent successes of the Swiss eventing riders. These include, in particular, the team qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. RIP

What was the Cause of Lesley McNaught Death?

As of now, the cause of Lesley McNaught’s death has not been publicly disclosed. As we await further details, the focus remains on honoring her life and contributions to equestrian sports.

Lesley McNaught Obituary

As we bid farewell to Lesley McNaught, we remember her as a beacon of Swiss equestrian sport. Her passion for show jumping, combined with her talent and dedication, made her an inspiration for many. Her victories and contributions to the sport will continue to inspire future generations of equestrians.

HS Sportpferde GmbH

Dear Helen McNaught McFarlane, @19mcnaughty I‘m completely numb. Lesley McNaught & I grew up in ponies around the small shows at Balsall Common & Coventry, my first real memories were around ‘74 when I had Golden Eagle and Lesley rode anything and everything better than anyone. You were on 12.2’s and I spent hours in your caravan. Lesley was younger than me but always streets ahead, I tried so hard but I was never as talented, as fast or as strong as Lesley. We were friendly companions but fierce competitors. At the end of the 70’s you went to Ted Edgar and got the nickname ’Tulip’ and I went to Malcolm Pyrah, (Judy Pyrah) you won the individual Gold at the Junior European on One More Time and I won European Young Riders Bronze on Cool Million. In 1983 we both rode our first ever senior Nations Cup together in Bratislava you on Barbarella and I was on Cool Million. Our path’s crossed nearly every weekend and when I moved to Germany in ‘86 you moved to Switzerland and so our journey continued. One thing never changed from our pony days, you were the most talented person I ever saw on the back of a horse. I emphasise ‘person’ as you could outride any man I’ve ever seen on a horse too. Your path was never easy, we both chose the high road but mine was definitely easier. I was always in awe of your talent but never jealous, yours was a gift from God and up to him you now go, I hope you’re at peace. Until we meet again RIP Tulip 🌷 — feeling heartbroken at Eschweiler Jumping Festival.

Our deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, and the equestrian community during this difficult time. Lesley McNaught’s legacy in show jumping will endure, a testament to her remarkable career and the indelible mark she left on the sport.

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