Lori J. Howell Death: A Pioneering Force in Fetal Medicine

Lori J. Howell, a name synonymous with innovation and compassionate care in fetal medicine, left an indelible mark on The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the field of healthcare. Her demise on January 19, 2024, was a significant loss to the medical community and to the countless families whose lives she touched with her work.

Who was Lori J. Howell?

Lori J. Howell was a beacon of clinical innovation, esteemed for her transformative role in fetal diagnosis and treatment. Her career spanned over four decades, during which she tirelessly worked to improve the lives of unborn children and their families through pioneering medical practices.

Lori J. Howell Career in Medicine

Howell’s journey began at the University of California, San Francisco, where she served as the inaugural fetal surgery coordinator. In 1955, her vision led to the co-founding of a fetal diagnosis and treatment program, setting the stage for advancements that would change the landscape of fetal medicine forever.

Her tenure at CHOP was marked by 27 years of dedicated service, during which she nurtured the fetal therapy program into an unparalleled global leader. Her recruitment of groundbreaking talent and the establishment of a holistic care approach were instrumental in setting a gold standard in the field.

The Legacy of a Clinical Innovator

Howell’s commitment to excellence extended beyond patient care to encompass education and research. Her brainchild, the CHOP’s annual Fetal Family Reunion, became a cherished event, celebrating the lives and journeys of families involved in the fetal program.

In 2008, her dream materialized with the inauguration of the Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit at CHOP—the world’s first facility tailored for expectant mothers carrying babies diagnosed with birth defects. This visionary project exemplified Howell’s dedication to providing comprehensive care for both mother and child.

What Happened to Lori J. Howell?

After a courageous battle with ovarian cancer, Lori J. Howell passed away, leaving a void in the hearts of those she worked with and cared for. She died peacefully, surrounded by her loving family, embodying grace and resilience until the very end.

How Did Lori J. Howell Die?

Lori J. Howell’s battle with ovarian cancer showcased her strength and determination. Despite her illness, she continued to inspire and lead with passion, reflecting the qualities that made her an extraordinary figure in healthcare.

CDH International

We were deeply saddened to learn that former CDH International Medical Advisor, Lori J. Howell, DNP, MS, RN, passed away this week.Lori was instrumental in creating and running CHOP’s Fetal Treatment Center, and also had a large presence in CDH Research and patient care for many decades. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and colleagues.

What was the Cause of Lori J. Howell Death?

Ovarian cancer claimed the life of Lori J. Howell after a tenacious fight. She faced her diagnosis with the same fortitude with which she approached her professional challenges—head-on and with unwavering resolve.

Lori J. Howell Obituary

With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Lori J. Howell, a trailblazer in fetal medicine and a cherished member of the CHOP family. Her innovative spirit, compassionate leadership, and relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care have left an enduring legacy.

As we bid farewell to a remarkable woman, our thoughts are with her family, colleagues, and the many lives she enriched through her work. Her contributions will continue to resonate within the halls of CHOP and the broader medical community, ensuring that her impact on fetal medicine will be felt for generations to come.

Lori J. Howell will be remembered not only for what she achieved but also for the hope, care, and possibilities she provided to so many families. Her memory will be honored as we carry forward the mission she so ardently championed.

Rest in peace, Lori J. Howell—your light will continue to shine in the countless lives you’ve impacted.

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