Lowest Gold Loan Interest Rate Updated 2023 List

As we navigate through the financial landscape of 2023, gold loans continue to provide a viable and secure lending option for many. With interest rates ranging from as high as 26% p.a to as low as 8.00% p.a, it’s essential to compare your options to secure the best deal. Let’s dive into an analysis of gold loan interest rates offered by various banks and financial institutions in India, listed in decreasing order.

Check out the list of Lowest Gold Loan Interest Rate:-

Bank/InstitutionInterest Rate
Home Credit24% onwards
Fullerton India11.99% onwards
HDFC Bank10.75% onwards, up to 17.30%
HSBC Bank10.50% onwards
SBI8.40% to 10.55%
Indian Bank8.95% – 9.75%
Retail Gold Loan8.80% to 9.30%
MSME Gold Loan8.80% to 9.20%
Agri Gold Loan8.55% to 8.90%
Central Bank of India8.45% to 8.55%

High-Interest Rate Providers

Starting at the top of the scale, some lenders offer gold loans at higher interest rates. Home Credit, for example, offers gold loans starting at 24%.

Mid-Range Interest Rate Providers

Moving down the ladder, Fullerton India provides gold loans starting from 11.99%. HDFC Bank also falls within this category, with their gold loan interest rates ranging from 17.30% to 10.75%.

Lower Interest Rate Providers

In the lower-interest segment, HSBC Bank offers competitive rates starting from 10.50%. SBI’s gold loan interest rates start from 10.55% and can go as low as 8.40%.

Retail Gold Loan, Agri Gold Loan, and MSME Gold Loan offer interest rates within the range of 8.80% to 9.30%, 8.55% to 8.90%, and 8.80% to 9.20% respectively.

Bajaj Finance is another player in the market that offers pocket-friendly rates, starting at just 9.50% per annum.

Lowest Gold Loan Interest Rates

Finally, at the bottom of our list, we have the Central Bank of India offering gold loan interest rates between 8.45% and 8.55%.

It’s worth noting that Union Bank of India also offers competitive rates, although the exact figures are subject to revision from time to time.


While gold loans can be a convenient way to secure funds, it’s important to compare interest rates and terms across different lenders. Remember, the lower the interest rate, the less you’ll have to pay back in the long run. Always do your homework and choose the loan that best fits your financial needs and capabilities.

Note: This rates may change & vary according to location & time, so please visit the organization for final rates.

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