Lundy Kiger died in Tractor Accident : Know More About The Incidence

On November 13, 2023, the world mourned the loss of Lundy Kiger, a prominent figure in Oklahoma. Lundy Kiger’s untimely demise has left his family, friends, and community devastated. Let’s explore the details surrounding his passing and the legacy he leaves behind.

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The Accident

Lundy Kiger’s life was tragically cut short as a result of a tractor accident. According to reports, he was involved in a fatal incident, which ultimately led to his passing. Further details about the accident are yet to be disclosed.

PRAYERS FOR LUNDY!❤️ Please join me in praying for our good friend, Lundy Kiger. He was in an accident this evening. He’s being transported to Tulsa via Life Flight. Keep him and Sam in your prayers!UPDATE: The primary concern is for Lundy’s head. We are awaiting updates from the hospital. There is a concern for head trauma.UPDATE: He has fractures all over his skull along with brain swelling. The hospital staff is taking measures to control the brain swelling. The neurosurgeon is holding off on any operations until he sees how the drain works. Pray for strength and peace as he is also battling broken ribs.Edit: Saturday, Nov 11th 6:00 – please pray for Lundy’s kidneys. They are slowing down a little bit. We are praying for the staff as they work to correct this.

A Resilient Spirit

Lundy Kiger’s journey of resilience and courage came to the forefront in recent years. He had previously shared his story of surviving an Anaphylactic Shock, an experience that transformed his life. Through his tale titled “Living to Tell About It,” Kiger inspired many with his determination to overcome adversity.

Community Leader and Advocate

Lundy Kiger was not only a civic leader but also a former teacher, state legislator, and energy executive. His dedication to community and economic development made him a well-respected figure in Oklahoma. His contributions will be remembered and cherished by those whose lives he touched.

Spiritual Presentation

Prior to his passing, Lundy Kiger had planned to deliver a special spiritual presentation. This event aimed to provide insight into his personal journey and offer inspiration to others. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fulfill this commitment due to the tragic circumstances surrounding his death.

Remembering Lundy Kiger

The passing of Lundy Kiger marks a significant loss for his family, friends, and the entire community. As we reflect on his life, let us honor his memory and the positive impact he made. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his loved ones during this difficult time.

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