‘Marcell D Johnson’ AKA ‘Cello’ Shot Dead in Chicago

Marcell D Johnson, a 26-year-old man from Chicago, was shot and killed in the 4600 block of North Dover Street on June 23, 2023. According to police reports, two people walked up to Johnson while he was standing on the sidewalk and shots were fired. His wife is now seeking answers as to what happened that night.

Johnson had recently become a father to a 1-year-old son and his death has left his family heartbroken. More than 200 family and friends gathered for a vigil in remembrance of Johnson’s life.

The Cook County boyfriend of Johnson has been identified as Marquis Johnson, 26, who is accused of shooting him. According to law enforcement agencies, Marcell died as a result of two gunshot wounds – one to the front of his neck and the other to his chest.

In another incident in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday night, 13-year-old Prince Holland was gunned down by Marcel Johnson, 26. The Jacksonville Police Department have charged him with second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and shooting or throwing deadly missiles into dwellings or vessels.

Marcell D Johnson’s death is yet another reminder of how gun violence continues to plague our society and take away innocent lives too soon. We must come together as a community to ensure that no more families have to suffer such tragedy due to senseless acts of violence.

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