Marilyn Katz Dies at 78: Iconic Chicago Progressive Activist, Passed away

Chicago has lost a symbol of progressive activism. Marilyn Katz, an emblematic figure who rose to prominence during the protests against the 1968 Democratic National Convention, has passed away at age 78.

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Who was Marilyn Katz?

Born and raised in Chicago, Katz devoted her life to fighting for the underprivileged and marginalized. She was an ardent believer in the power of peaceful protest and civic engagement as tools for social change. Katz was also a member of the America for Peace Board of Directors, further cementing her legacy as a tireless advocate for peace.

Marilyn Katz was more than an activist; she was the embodiment of a movement. Her name became synonymous with progressive politics in Chicago and beyond. She was a leader of the 1968 DNC protests, a pivotal moment in American history that highlighted the deep divisions within the country over the Vietnam War and civil rights.

Katz’s passionate advocacy for peace, justice, and equality made her a beloved figure among activists and ordinary citizens alike. Her fearless opposition to injustice, combined with her eloquent articulation of progressive ideals, made her a prominent voice in the ongoing struggle for a more equitable society.

Throughout her life, Katz remained a steadfast champion of progressive causes, lending her voice and influence to a range of issues from civil rights to environmental justice. Her relentless determination and unwavering commitment to her beliefs have left an indelible mark on the landscape of American activism.

What was the Cause of Marilyn Katz Death?

The cause of Katz’s death has not been publicly revealed. She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her loved ones. The loss is deeply felt by the many people whose lives were touched by her activism and her passion for social justice.

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Today I lost my dear friend and colleague, Marilyn Katz. Her life story was amazing. She was a steadfast champion of human rights, a talented writer and producer, and a rebel who was not afraid to take on power when needed. I learned so much from her over the time I’ve known her and relish the time we spent together. She and I (and Elinor Bacon) were working on a new documentary about the state of public housing in America–a subject Marilyn was incredibly passionate about. Rest in Peace, Marilyn. Here’s a pic of Marilyn, former Congressman Luis Guti√©rrez and I at my office a couple years ago.

Marilyn Katz Obituary

Marilyn Katz’s obituary reflects the profound impact of her life and work. She is remembered not just as a fearless activist, but also as a loving family member and cherished friend. Her dedication to social justice has inspired countless others to carry on her work, ensuring that her legacy will continue to influence progressive activism for generations to come.

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Just heard that my good friend and long-time communications colleague Marilyn Katz passed away. She was a legend in Chicago –fearless, instinctual, political, plugged in and electric. She was on the front lines of the student protests in the 60’s and stayed active in Chicago politics over the years from Washington and Daley to Obama and Emanuel. Her mind never eased and her outrage at injustice always burned bright. I’ll miss her. Condolences to her husband Scott Chambers and her two children, Callie and Grady. RIP Marilyn. The struggle continues.

In the words of those who knew her best, Katz was a “progressive icon,” a tireless advocate for peace, and above all, a beacon of hope in the fight for a more equitable world. Her death marks the end of an era, but her spirit lives on in the countless lives she touched and the causes she championed.

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