Matt Hawryliw Dies: Pennsylvania Football Coach Gone Too Soon

ERIE, PA – The city of Erie, Pennsylvania is mourning the sudden loss of beloved resident Matt Hawryliw, a prominent football coach and entrepreneur who passed away unexpectedly on September 9th at the age of 35. The tragic news has sent shockwaves through the community where Hawryliw was known as a vibrant presence both on and off the field.

According to social media posts by friends and family, no cause of death has been publicly confirmed at this time. Hawryliw is survived by his parents, siblings, wife and two young daughters, who are grieving along with the many others whose lives he impacted.

Jeff Brian Brother of Matt shared this sad news on Facebook by writing:-

Our family lost our cousin Matt Hawryliw today please keep my Aunt Dee Dee Hawryliw & Uncle Mike Hawryliw in your thoughts and allow them time to process. Official announcements will be released in the coming days. Thanks

Hawryliw spent over a decade as a football coach in Erie, sharing his passion for the sport with middle school and high school student athletes. He most recently coached at Cathedral Preparatory School where he led the junior varsity team.

Students and fellow coaches alike looked up to Hawryliw as a dedicated mentor who brought out the best in players. Parents of athletes he coached emphasize the strong bonds he forged and the way he positively shaped their kids’ lives.

Beyond his work as a football coach, Hawryliw also ran a successful digital marketing business called Local Funnel that assisted area businesses. Friends praised his entrepreneurial drive and talent for connecting with clients.

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Tributes Pour in Honoring Hawryliw’s Vibrant Legacy

As news spread of Matt Hawryliw’s untimely passing, tributes poured in on social media highlighting his diverse talents and upbeat personality that touched so many lives.

Lifelong friends expressed disbelief over the tragedy, reminiscing about fondest memories together like high school adventures. One wrote, “You always brought a smile to someone’s face, made someone laugh to the point of crying or pissed someone off in a heated debate.”

Fellow coaches also shared their sadness, emphasizing Hawryliw’s passion for collaborating and building strong programs. “My heart is broken for his family, friends, and players whose lives he impacted,” wrote one.

Steph Johnson also Shared Memoria with Matt by writing:-

How lucky were we to have this amazing man as a mentor and coach for our young men he went the extra mile to reach out to them and work out with them and give them any advice they needed from someone who was their coach but still young enough to connect with them he came to every grad party even after he stopped coaching at Iroquois he made each of them know they had a place in his heart and now he will forever live on in ours…. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends and pray that he knew how important he was as a big part of our son’s growing up Thank you Coach Matt Hawryliw

Beth Lynn Share a Tribute Post on Social Media wiritng:-

Matt Hawryliw,

I am so heartbroken. Our friendship started 25+ years ago when you transferred to St Luke’s. I actually hated you and your dolphin noises. However, you were a wild, hyper, big hearted, emotional cancer, just like me and we understood each other.

Mercyhurst prep was some of the best years of my life. Our group of friends were seriously like no other. Everyyyyyyy weekend we were all together at either mine, angela or robs house growing up, being wild, but most importantly being loved unconditionally while we were figuring out who we were and the world around us. Matt, you always brought a smile to someone’s face, made someone laugh to the point of crying or pissed someone off in a heated debate. Not to mention, we also won “most outgoing” together our senior year 😂

I looked forward to running into you in the gym, even though i knew i just extended my workout by at least a half hour because we couldn’t stop talking. You were one of the few people I would willing engage in a political debate with because I knew no matter how different our opinions were, we could always talk it out and understand where one another was coming from and I loved that. You were so smart. Your heart was so big. You always checked in on me, you have always been genuine with me. You cared about so much and so many people. You were hilarious. You always stood up for the people who didn’t have a voice. You would do anything for the people you loved. You were so supportive and encouraging. You were an amazing human with a great soul.

To your amazing parents, I cannot imagine how heavy your hearts must feel. You raised a wonderful human being that truly would have done anything for anyone. Matt brought light into the room everywhere he went and I hope you are able to find some comfort knowing how great of a job you both did and the great person he turned out to be during this difficult time. I am so sorry for you loss.

Life is so freaking unpredictable and short. Always take a minute to say hello to someone. Always hug and tell people how much you love them. You just never know. Love you Matt, rest in peace 💔

Even casual acquaintances noted how Hawryliw’s natural warmth and genuine nature stood out. He cultivated community, welcoming newcomers and sparking meaningful conversations.

These remembrances speak to Hawryliw’s legacy of connecting with others in Erie through his varied interests and caring spirit. Though his loss leaves a major void, his memory carries on through those he inspired.

Community Mourns Tragic Loss of Rising Star

Matt Hawryliw’s sudden passing at just 35 years old has collectively shaken the Erie community where he was a rising star. Friends agree his future held no limits between coaching, business ventures and community leadership.

Born and raised in Erie, Hawryliw honed his work ethic and character in the city he loved. After a standout football career himself, he returned to mentor the next generation of players. Off the field, his entrepreneurial drive led to a thriving digital business assisting local companies.

From people he grew up with to colleagues and young athletes, Matt earned widespread admiration in Erie as an ambitious go-getter who put his whole heart into everything. His loss, especially at such a young age, carries a devastating weight.

But those grieving have found solace in reminiscing over Hawryliw’s ability to live life to the fullest through focusing on what he loved – family, football, friendships and service. The entire community feels his absence but celebrates his memory.

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Investigation Ongoing as Loved Ones Seek Closure

While no official cause of death has been released, local authorities have not indicated anything suspicious or criminal in nature about Hawryliw’s passing. The medical examiner continues working to make a conclusive determination.

In the meantime, Matt Hawryliw’s family, friends and the Erie community at large are leaning on one another to process this profound tragedy.

His memory carries them forward as they wait for answers. The shocking loss of such a treasured son, father, husband and friend defies all reason. But by honoring Hawryliw’s spirit and uplifting legacy, his loved ones keep him alive in their hearts and memories. That’s where he will remain vibrant and undefeated.

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