Micheal Avery: The Man Behind the Tragic Rochester Incident

In a horrifying event that shook Rochester, New York on New Year’s Eve, 35-year-old Michael Avery of Syracuse was identified as the driver who drove a car into a crowd leaving a concert at the Kodak Center. The crash resulted in the death of two people and injured nine others.

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The Driver’s Actions

Avery was reportedly driving an SUV on West Ridge Road when he sped up and crossed into oncoming traffic.He then crashed his vehicle outside the Kodak Center, resulting in a fiery explosion. Avery later succumbed to his injuries at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Investigation and Suspicions

The crash is being investigated as a potential act of domestic terrorism. Police found gas canisters inside Avery’s vehicle, raising suspicions about his motives. However, no direct evidence has yet been found linking the incident to a terrorist act.

Avery’s Background

Avery, a suspected bipolar man according to the New York Post, drove his personal car to Rochester on December 27, where he checked into the Woodspring Suites. His actions leading up to the incident are being thoroughly investigated.

Impact and Aftermath

The horrific incident left the city of Rochester in shock and mourning. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working diligently to determine the cause and motives behind this tragic event.

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