Mikala Jones Hawaiian surfer dead : Know Everything About His Tragic Death

Mikala Jones was a household name – a true legend in the surfing community. He was a Hawaiian surfer who relocated to Bali in the early 2000s and dedicated himself to discovering new surf spots. Mikala’s commitment to the preservation of these waves, even ahead of his own reputation, earned him the respect of many surfers all over the world. Yet, unfortunately, the surfing community mourns his passing today. In this article, we’ll pay tribute to Mikala’s life and contributions to the sport of surfing. Continue reading.

Who was Mikala Jones?

Mikala Jones was born and raised in Rocky Point, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He inherited his love for surfing from his father, as did his siblings, Malia and Daniel, who are also accomplished surfers. While most surfers stick to what they know and what’s familiar, Mikala had an instinctive connection to Indonesia and its waves. He relocated to Bali in the early 2000s and set out on a mission to discover some of its lesser-known surf spots. His dedication to this mission was unwavering, even when it meant sacrificing his own reputation and glory.

As a result of Mikala’s efforts, he discovered many waves that were previously unknown to the surfing community. His video releases, which span over 20 years, feature some of the best barrels in the world. But Mikala never lost sight of his purpose: to preserve these waves and protect them from exploitation. He prioritised the conservation of these surfing spots, which earned him a reputation as a true surf conservationist.
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Hawaiian surfer Mikala Jones Died :What was his Cause Of Death?

Mikala Jones’ death was a shock to the entire surfing community. He was only 44 years old when he passed away while on a surf trip to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. According to reports by Stab, Mikala passed away after suffering a severe injury to his groin, which resulted in him slicing his femoral artery and losing a significant amount of blood. The tragic news of his passing left many surfers grieving all over the world.

Despite his passing, Mikala Jones’ contributions to the surfing world live on. His surfing legacy will continue to inspire surfers and fans worldwide. He had a unique connection with Indonesia and the waves that he discovered there, but his impact also extended to Hawaiian surfers. His dedication to surfing for the enjoyment of it and not just for titles and points is what many of his surfing peers respect most.

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Mikala Jones Obituary

The loss of Mikala Jones is a huge blow to the surfing community. Yet, his legacy and passion for discovering and preserving surf spots will inspire many surfers in the years to come. His life is a testament to the love and devotion that many surfers share for their craft and to exploring the vast beauties of the ocean worldwide. Let us remember Mikala’s contributions to surfing and his dedication to preserving the waves that he loved so much. Rest in peace, Mikala Jones – your spirit will always be with us!

People Shared Tributes on Social Media

John Bilderback

Tragic news out of Indo. Mikala Jones has reportedly died after bleeding out from a cut to his femoral artery surfing in the Mentawais. Deepest condolences to Malia and Daniel and his whole family. He was a good man, a fantastic surfer and a wonderful photographer. RIP brother.

Robbie Nelson
Never in my lifetime would I expect to say this because I thought that it could never happen… Mikala Jones passed away from an injury sustained from surfing his beloved barrels in Indo. This is just another stark reminder for us to watch out for each other and to be prepared in the event that you or someone you surf with gets hurt.

It’s also a reminder to cherish every moment with those people who you love because they could leave us tomorrow. RIP Mikala.

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