North Reading’s Mike Manos Died in a Dirt Bike Accident: Know What Happened

Mike Manos, a well-known dirt bike rider, died in a tragic accident last weekend. Read on to learn how did Mike Manos die, how did the crash happen, and everything else about the dirt bike rider’s obituary.

The North Reading, Massachusetts community is mourning the loss of the talented motorcyclist. He was often seen roaming the streets on his BMX and gracing the tracks on his dirt bike. The young man passed away doing what he loved the most.

Who was Mike Manos?

Mike Manos was a famous dirt bike rider from North Reading, Massachusetts. He currently lived in Woburn and often competed in local bike racing tournaments. He was often seen riding his bike into the dirt and lifting cups on the podium.

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The young man was in a relationship with Rebecca Krasowski of Saugus, Massachusetts. The couple got engaged on December 9, 2021. Mike was also a beloved son, brother, and friend to many. He was an integral part of local and regional dirt bike racing groups.

Mike Manos Died in a Dirt Bike Accident on April 29th

North Reading’s Mike Manos was involved in a fatal accident while riding his dirt bike on Saturday, April 29, 2023. The accident occurred at 207 and Mike suffered several severe injuries in the crash. He was rushed to the nearby medical facility by the EMS.

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Unfortunately, the doctors pronounced him dead. For those who are concerned, the injuries sustained in the crash have been confirmed as the cause of death of dirt bike rider Mike Manos. His loss is being mourned by the community as an extreme loss.

Mike Manos Dirt Bike Accident: How it happened?

The accident that killed Mike Manos took place when he was riding his dirt bike at 207. According to the reports, the rider lost his balance and crashed badly. This led him to suffer serious injuries to the head and other parts of the body.

The injuries were so severe that Mike couldn’t make it to the medical facility and passed away on the way. No further details about the accident were released. Our team is trying to get in touch with people who know more about the crash. Stay tuned as we find more details.

Mike Manos Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

An obituary for Mike Manos is awaited at this time as his family prepares for the funeral services. The schedule will likely be set near the end of this week. We will keep you posted on the same. This post will continue to serve as a digital obituary for Mike Manos.

Mike was an amazing human being and a highly skilled dirt bike rider. He loved riding his quad, BMX, and everything else that had wheels. He also loved fishing and was a foodie by heart. The way he made people feel was special and he will always remain in our hearts.

His friends are paying tribute to the late motorcyclist on social media.

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You can use the comment section to send condolences to Mike’s family and other loved ones. They are going through a very hard time, especially Mike’s partner Rebecca.

Our deepest condolences go out to them. May God let the departed soul rest in peace. Please keep his people in your thoughts and prayers.

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