Milwaukee Rappers Jigg and Celly Cell Killed in Double Shooting

A tragic incident has unfolded in the city of Milwaukee, with local rappers Jigg and Celly Cell announced as victims of a fatal double shooting.

Rising Stars in the Music Scene

Jigg and Celly Cell, both prominent figures in Milwaukee’s rap scene, have been tragically killed in a shooting near 20th and Locust. Jigg, in particular, was known for his regional success and is credited for drawing more attention to Milwaukee’s rap landscape.

The Incident

The shooting occurred near 20th and Locust, a location that has now become a site of mourning for fans and community members alike. The Milwaukee Police are investigating the incident as a double homicide and are working diligently to find those responsible.

Impact on the Community

The loss of Jigg and Celly Cell has sent shockwaves through the Milwaukee community. Both artists were well-respected and loved, making their sudden demise all the more heartbreaking.

Remembering Jigg and Celly Cell

As news of their deaths spread, fans and fellow musicians took to social media platforms to express their grief and share their memories of the talented rappers. Their music and their impact on the Milwaukee rap scene will not be forgotten.

In conclusion, the untimely deaths of Jigg and Celly Cell have left a significant void in the Milwaukee rap community. As investigations into the shooting continue, the city mourns the loss of two of its rising stars.

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