Murder-Suicide in Millis, MA: Tanaia Wilkinson and Michael Fischella Found Dead

A tragic incident has shaken the community of Millis, Massachusetts. On a remote road off Route 115, two individuals were found dead beside their car on a Sunday morning. The victims have been identified as Tanaia Wilkinson and Michael Fischella.

Tanaia Wilkinson and Michael Fischella Murder-Suicide, What Actually Happened?

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office confirmed the identities of the deceased as 25-year-old Tanaia Wilkinson and 32-year-old Michael Fischella. Both shared an address at 67 Curve St., Millis, although no details about their relationship were provided.

The discovery was made by a municipal worker who was operating on a remote dirt road off Route 115. The bodies were discovered around 9 a.m., leading to immediate notification of authorities.

Circumstances Surrounding the Deaths

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered a grim sight. A gun was found underneath Fischella’s body, and both Wilkinson and Fischella seemed to have died from gunshot wounds. This led investigators to consider the possibility of a murder-suicide.

Recent Transplants to Massachusetts

Interestingly, the District Attorney’s office revealed that both Wilkinson and Fischella were not native to Massachusetts and had recently moved to Millis. The nature of their move, their relationship, and the circumstances leading to their relocation are likely to be key factors in the ongoing investigation.

Investigation and Autopsy

While the investigation is still ongoing, District Attorney Michael Morrissey stated there is no evidence of outside involvement in the deaths. The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to determine the exact cause and manner of Wilkinson’s and Fischella’s deaths within the next two days.

In conclusion, the tragic deaths of Tanaia Wilkinson and Michael Fischella have left the Millis community in shock. As the investigation continues, the community holds its breath for answers and mourns the loss of two of its residents.

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