Nadia Cowart died at 46: A Shining Star in the Marketing World Passes Away

KBMT/K-JAC 12News mourns the sudden loss of their esteemed marketing director, Nadia Cowart, also known as Nadia Matar. Known for her magnetic charm and vibrant personality, Nadia’s sudden departure at the age of 46 has left her colleagues, family, and friends in a state of deep sorrow.

Who was Nadia Cowart?

Born in July 1977, Nadia Matar was a beloved figure known for her infectious sense of humor and passionate love for singing. This unique combination of qualities made her a cherished presence among her peers and family. She is survived by her daughter Sophie, her parents Wadad and Nabil Matar, and her siblings Ziad and Lina.

Nadia’s academic journey led her to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She then embarked on a successful career in Marketing, Promotions, and Non-Traditional Revenue (NTR), where she distinguished herself with her commitment and passion.

A Glimpse into Nadia’s Impressive Career

Nadia had an impressive career spanning 12 years in various companies, where she handled multiple stations within her department. Her achievements were recognized by non-profit agencies across Southeast Texas, earning her numerous awards.

Nadia had a knack for launching new stations and boosting ratings for existing ones. She consistently surpassed ambitious NTR goals set by the companies she worked for, demonstrating her dedication and expertise in her field.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nadia was deeply involved in community service. She played a significant role in rescue efforts following Hurricane Harvey, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact on her community.

KBMT/K-JAC 12News Marketing Director Nadia Cowart Cause of death

The cause of Nadia’s unexpected death remains unknown to the public, leaving her loved ones and colleagues grappling with this sudden loss.

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I still don’t know what to say right now. Shattered would be a huge understatement. I think I am still in shock. With so many racing thoughts and waves of so many emotions, I am beyond angry. Nadia Matar Cowart I am so mad at you!!! Seriously Why???? IT did NOT have to be this way. It doesn’t matter what took place over the past 2yrs, all you had to do was call. And NO MATTER WHAT, Jobi Lyn Phillips and I would have been there any time, day or night, any day! No judgement and No questions asked. Damn it Nadia, we would have been there!!!! But I can’t be mad at just you my sweet friend. I should have been there more. And for that I will never forgive myself. I have failed you and I have failed sweet Sophia. So many countless times she came to me over the past few years worried and scared. But me not wanting to piss you off, I never pushed the issue. Instead we would just have a quick chat then sweep it under the rug. I am so very sorry Nadia. I promise you though I will always look after Sophia. I will not let her down again. The road ahead for her is going to be a difficult one but I will always do everything i can to make sure she is OK. God, it truly did not have to end like this!!!WHY?????Rest in Peace my girl… Rest in Peace!! You will forever be missed!! 💔

Nadia Cowart Obituary

Nadia Cowart was more than just an esteemed marketing director; she was a beacon of positivity and warmth. Her vibrant personality, combined with her love for singing and her infectious humor, made her a cherished figure among her family, friends, and colleagues.

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RIP Nadia Matar Cowart 😢 My sweet Nadia….. What a woman!!! Lina LovesFashion Always know that your sister leaves a legacy in SETX. Her contributions within the food scene and the news channels will live forever in our hearts and on film. She brought joy to us all for years!!!! THAT SMILE!!!! ~ Heartbreaking. You are not alone!!! I will be here for you, forever and ever. 24/7/365 Nadia was not only one of the most beautiful women around, she was equally beautiful inside. She’s in paradise now. She’s at peace. I know you are crushed to the core, but you are surrounded by so much love and support. Nadia’s life was fruitful and well lived. Her legacy will long outlive her life cut short, through you and Sophia. One day at a time. ~ I love you!!!!! Deep in prayer tonight. Salaam!!!! ~ 🇵🇸 ♥️ 🇱🇧 🙏🏼 #LebaneseBeauty

As we mourn the loss of Nadia Cowart, we also celebrate the life she lived and the positive impact she had on those around her. Her legacy will continue to inspire those who knew her and had the privilege of working alongside her.

Our thoughts are with Nadia’s daughter Sophie, her parents Wadad and Nabil, and her siblings Ziad and Lina during this difficult time.

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