Natalie Fornasier Sydney Writer Death: Shares a goodbye post as diagnosed with cancer

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Natalie Fornasier, an immensely talented and beloved Sydney writer, and content creator who after a certain battle against cancer, has recently announced the fear that she “will not make it to Christmas”. She has shared a heart-wrenching post on her Instagram, sharing the struggle and her feelings in her last days of life.

Keep reading the article to know more about Natalie Fornasier, her career, her family, and her medical condition to death.

Who is Natalie Fornasier?

Natalie Fornasier is a 28-year-old influencer from Sydney, Australia who has taken to social media to share the heartbreaking news of her situation from cancer. A writer and content creator, her work focused on health activism, inspiring people across the globe to look after their bodies, eat nutritiously and listen to their environmental instincts. She was a tireless advocate for self-care and wellness, even though she had been battling a fatal disease.

Natalie has been loved and cared by his family and friends. Recently she has been married to her boyfriend Alexender on 26th November 2022, to live her last days happy and experience the joy of being married. She has expressed her love and gratefulness towards her loving husband, friends, and family who have always made her feel loved.

Natalie Fornasier’s goodbye post on Instagram

Natalie has shared in her recent post on Instagram stating her health condition is getting worse, and she has expressed fear of dying soon. It was in July this year when she found out about her suffering cancer had become terminal and she’s suffered brutally in the last few months. It was 8 years ago when she was diagnosed with skin cancer after noticing a large mole on her toe, now her cancer has become metastatic melanoma a condition where it has spread to other parts of her body.

Natalie mentioned the importance of taking care of oneself while also humbly asking fans and friends to appreciate life going forward as it may not last forever. Natalie’s story has gone viral affecting thousands of her fans and loved ones.

People are sharing on Social Media:

Natalie’s fans and followers are extremely saddened by this sad news, social media is full of posts and prayers for her. One of her friends has even started a fundraiser, a Gofundme campaign to support her.

The fundraiser describes the need for financial support for her husband Alexender in this difficult time.

Alexander’s family has experienced a tragedy that no family should ever have to go through. To ease the pain, this money is being raised to help cover future funeral expenses and living expenses for Alexander as he grieves. It will also help pay for Alexander’s mother’s living expenses who had to temporarily relocate from Germany to be with them during this difficult time. This can make all the difference in helping Alexander and his family get through this unimaginably tough phase of their lives. Any amount given will be appreciated immensely from the bottom of their hearts.

Many people have shared on their social media channels to support Natalie in her difficult time.

Despite this tragedy, we pray for Natalie to get the strength to fight the disease and recover soon. Hope you have recovered the required information through this article, please keep visiting the website to read more on the latest news articles.

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