NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date, Spoiler

Are you excited to know more about the upcoming NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17? Well, you’re in luck! Here, we’ll provide a complete overview of everything that fans can expect from this thrilling episode. We will reveal when its release date will be and what plotlines it may explore. Plus, we’ll also introduce all the new cast members who will join the show. And lastly, we’ll even give some juicy spoilers so that viewers can prepare themselves for an unforgettable viewing experience! So, let’s dive into it – get all your questions answered right here!

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17 is set to air on March 20, 2023. This upcoming episode is highly anticipated and will bring viewers an extremely suspenseful, mystery-filled and exciting installment of this popular CBS show.

Viewers have been left hanging since the 16th episode ended with a thrilling cliffhanger, so they are eager to see what happens next.

With the release date drawing near, fans of NCIS Hawaii can look forward to finding out all that this episode has in store. From solving complex cases to exploring interesting characters, there’s sure to be plenty of drama and intrigue. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the excitement when NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17 airs on March 20th!

Different Timezone

  • 11:00, Mon March 20, 2023 (Washington Time, USA)
  • 11:30 PM Tue March 21, 2023, IST (India Standard Time)
  • 9 AM AEST Tue March 21, 2023 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • 12 PM CST Mon March 20, 2023 (China Standard Time)
  • 12 PM MYT Mon March 20, 2023 (Malaysia Time)
  • 12 PM WIB Mon March 20, 2023 (Indonesian Western Time)
  • 12 AM JST Mon March 20, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)
  • 1 AM KST Mon March 20, 2023 (Korea Standard Time)
  • 11 AM ST Mon March 20, 2023 (Singapore Time)

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 16 Recap

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 16 was an exciting episode full of suspense and mystery. The episode starts with a search for a missing Naval officer, Commander Larson, who disappeared during a mission in the Pacific Ocean.

The team discovers that he was on a secret mission to bring back intelligence from another country. Meanwhile, Special Agent Grace Williams is confronted by her superior about her suspicious behavior during the investigation and she is forced to expose the truth about what she has been up to.

As the team continues their search for answers, they also encounter dangerous enemies who are trying to stop them from uncovering the truth.

Through Lucas’ skillful interrogation techniques and Tani’s detective work, they finally track down Commander Larson’s location.

In the end, after a thrilling and intense confrontation, they manage to rescue him and put an end to the mission. With yet another successful case in their books, NCIS Hawaii is proving why it is one of the most beloved shows on TV today.

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 17 Spoiler

In the season two finale of NCIS Hawaii, entitled “Turbulence,” the team is close to apprehending their high-value target with the help of an informant. Captain Milius returns to lend a hand in their investigation, and tensions are mounting as Alex’s future plans become clearer.

As the team tries to balance both personal and professional responsibilities, they must confront a difficult decision that could have consequences for all involved. The episode promises to be an exciting climax with twists and turns that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. With life-changing decisions, dangerous suspects, and compelling characters, NCIS Hawaii is sure to deliver an unforgettable finale.

NCIS Hawaii’s Season 2 episode 17 is sure to be an exciting and thrilling ride, as we anticipate the return of our favorite characters and the introduction of some new ones. It will be an eventful and intriguing installment as we follow the team through new cases and watch as they use their skills to combat any criminal activity that threatens Oahu. Whether you’re an avid fan of the show or just someone who loves crime-solving dramas, you won’t want to miss this next episode. Tune in on March 20, 2023 at 9 pm to catch all the action – it promises to be a truly entertaining night!

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