Neil Kulkarni, Renowned British Music Journalist and Musician, Passed Away

The British music industry mourns the unexpected loss of one of its most passionate and outspoken figures, Neil Kulkarni. The news of his passing was announced on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, leaving a palpable void in the music community.

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Who was Neil Kulkarni?

Neil Kulkarni was an influential figure in the British music scene, admired for his passion, eloquence, talent, and outspokenness. He was not just a talented journalist but also a skilled musician, contributing to the band Moonbears. His dedication to music was matched only by his commitment to challenging prejudice and discrimination within the industry and beyond.

Neil Kulkarni Career

Kulkarni’s illustrious career in music journalism spanned several decades and multiple renowned publications, including Melody Maker, Metal Hammer, Vox, and Kerrang. His articles were always honest and engaging, whether he was humorously musing about which rock artists he would let make him a sandwich or critically reviewing albums like Brainbloodvolume by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

His contributions went beyond journalism; he was a mentor to many budding music intellectuals, always supportive and encouraging of new ideas and talents. His fearless commentary on societal issues within the context of music made him one of the greats in the field of music journalism.

Bobby Friction

Omg. RIP Neil Kulkarni 🙏🏽 😪How shocking and tragically unfair. A music critic who I read throughout the 90s, and then who I got to know personally via this hellsite. Funny, erudite, and very obviously massively intelligent. His writing was amazing and as sharp as a scalpel when covering topics as diverse as race, Oasis (oh how he truly hated thee), Coventry, Radio 3, Shit Britpop, Hiphop, Public Enemy and the latest Lil Yachty album.His family must be devastated and I can’t stop thinking about his girls who also lost their mother in the last 10 years. Please have our collective condolences and keep them close guys. Please tell us how we can help his daughters Meera Kulkarni – once you guys feel OK enough to reach out. 😪

How Did Neil Kulkarni Die?

Neil Kulkarni passed away unexpectedly. However, the cause of his death has not been disclosed at this time, adding to the sorrow of his sudden departure.

Neil Kulkarni Obituary

As we mourn the loss of Neil Kulkarni, we also celebrate his life and legacy. An extraordinary journalist, a skilled musician, and a fierce advocate for justice, Kulkarni’s contributions to the British music industry will continue to inspire future generations.

Jerry Thackeray

Mate, you were the best of us all. I cannot even begin to describe how important, how vital to my wellbeing, to my life you’ve been. Often it felt like you were just about the only one who understood. An inspiration always, you were always there fighting our corner, never shied away – so passionate, so kind, so eloquent, so talented, so outspoken. So real. So alive. The greatest music critic it’s been my privilege to encounter. Keeping the flame burning through all the years. Always in love with music but always painfully aware of the context it exists within. The greatest music critic, without a doubt. In reality, I probably only met you a handful of times and yet you’ve always felt like one of my closest friends and allies.Rest in peace and rest in power, Neil Kulkarni. I’ve always hated that latter phrase but now I think I begin to understand it. Rest in power, mate. I woke up hearing your voice in my head, gently but firmly encouraging students – the way you so often encouraged me, without maybe even knowing it.Thinking of your children, your loved ones, your friends, your family. Rest in power, mate.

His passing is a great loss not only to his family, the Chart Music crew, and his bandmates in The Moonbears but also to the pop-obsessed kids everywhere and the entire music community. Our deepest condolences go out to his loved ones during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace, and may his legacy continue to resonate within the music industry.

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