Pacho “El Antifeka” Shot To Death: A Tragic End to a Puerto Rican Urban Singer, Cause Of Death, Obituary

On Thursday, June 1st, the Puerto Rican music industry was devastated when news broke that Pacho “El Antifeka”, a renowned urban singer with a promising career, was murdered in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The 42-year-old rapper was found lifeless in his car with multiple gunshot wounds. This incident has once again brought to light the ongoing problem of violence in the music industry. In this article, we reflect on the life and legacy of Pacho “El Antifeka” and how his tragic passing has affected the music industry and fans in Puerto Rico and beyond. Continue reading..

Who Was El Antifeka?

Neftalí Álvarez Núñez, popularly known as Pacho “El Antifeka”, was a Puerto Rican urban singer born in March 1981. He started his career as a member of the urban duo Pacho & Cirilo and gained widespread recognition in the Latin music industry with hits such as “Me Ando Ready” and “Pa Morir Se Nace.” Known for his edgy, provocative lyrics and unique voice, he quickly became a fan favorite. However, despite his success, Pacho “El Antifeka” had several run-ins with the law, including multiple arrests for violating the Weapons Law.

How did Pacho “El Antifeka” die? What was the cause of his death?

Pacho “El Antifeka” was tragically shot to death in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, in June 1st. According to reports from the Bayamón Homicide Division, his body was found inside an Infiniti model EX35 car parked in the Plaza Tropical center. He had multiple gunshot wounds, and the investigation is still ongoing. His untimely death has left fans and the music industry in a state of shock and grief.

Pacho “El Antifeka” Obituary

Pacho “El Antifeka” may have had a troubled past, but his talent and charisma were undeniable. He was an influential figure in the Puerto Rican music industry and inspired a generation of up-and-coming artists. His fans and colleagues remember him as a talented and passionate rapper who spoke to the heart of the youth and the struggles they face. Despite his early death, his legacy continues to inspire music lovers around the world.

Final Words

The death of Pacho “El Antifeka” is a tragic loss for the Puerto Rican music industry and his fans worldwide. His talent and passion for music were evident in his work, and he will be deeply missed. However, his legacy lives on through his music and the empowering message he conveyed to his fans. As we mourn his passing, we must also address the ongoing violence in the music industry and work towards creating a safer environment for artists to express themselves freely. May Pacho “El Antifeka” rest in peace, and his music continue to inspire generations to come.

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